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headed to Oregon

Vegas Teacher

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Hello All Vegas teacher is headed to Oregon for a Schutzhund / IPO seminar. Some people are old school some are not. Schutzhund is old school IPO soon to be be IPG is new school. This is a German dog sport. Anyway I am going up to Oregon with two of my 4 German Shepherds. My wife and I do this sport for fun and our dogs are taught tracking, obedience and protection work. This seminar will focus on obedience and protection. My girl is a pretty good little bitter, she is 65 lbs of pissed off terror when she wants to be LOL. She is also in heat right now which makes things interesting.

Sad to say but I am driving my Tundra up not the Volvo. I still need to get tires on it and do not have the Direct link brake control hooked up yet. Need to do that, but not in any hurry.

I am leaving Las Vegas between 11:30 p.m. Monday night and 12:01 a.m. Tuesday morning next week. I will take 95 north to 395 to 5 north into Eugene Oregon. This will be a one day trip, about 15 hours with stops for the dogs and such. I hope to be able to do it sooner but don't know if it is possible with taking time to eat and get gas. I love to drive at night, the desert is boring and there is not much traffic on the road at night. My wife and I will trade off after every tank of gas. I will drive from Vegas to Tonopah,  she will drive from there to Falon, I will drive from Falon to Reno, She will drive from Reno to Susanville and then we will decide from there who drives and when, but we trade off and make a pretty good team. I like doing this because it lets me make really good time going places. We have an air B&B near Eugene and plan on going to wineries and Microbrews prior to the seminar. the 26th is our 15th wedding anniversary, if anybody up there knows of a great restaurant, please let me know. We are staying at the Shilo Inn Friday and Saturday, that is the host hotel. Does anybody know anything about them. This is also a reason we did not drive up there. With dog stuff everybody normally stays together at the same place.

So if anybody has any suggestions of places to go or things for us to see in the area between Wednesday and Friday please let me know!


Vegas Teacher - Cory Ossana 

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Whoa ........down boy.....down..... cancel the Eugene gig.

Weather report for Monday in Eugene is hotter than HOT.

You Vegas-Lizzards don't don't know HOT until you see a Spaced-Out-OLD-UofO-Profs floating N A K E D in the river to beat the heat.......

Folks from Vegas just ain't up to such sights.......

What happens in Eugene sometimes floats out of Eugene.......

Eugene just be too H O T for you kids from Vegas......

Of course you seldom take my advice so ......be careful...... don't eat the food because most of it is from local farms so it might be low on vital chemicals used in Vegas.....

Don't drink the water only the local brews are safe.....


Drive on......(Eugene my never recover...)

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