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Dometic RM2620 fridge not cooling

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That sounds like a loss of coolant issue but could be other things as well. RV refrigerators send the refrigerant through the freezer area first and then the remaining refrigerant passes by gravity down through the coil for the chill box. It thus will keep the freezer cold much longer in a loss of coolant than it will the chill box. Open the outside access panel and check for any signs of yellow goo or powder, and smell for any trace of ammonia odor. Either one is an indication of a leak. This is by far the most common cause of the symptoms that you have. 

You may also want to check the Bryant RV site for a service manual for the model that you have. 

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You can also take the unit out and turn it upside down for a couple of hours.  That often works if there isn't some other issue with it like coolant has leaked out or a control board has died.   I'm assuming you have verified there is power getting to the control boards with your multi-meter etc...



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On 5/8/2018 at 6:00 AM, noteven said:

Dometic RM2620 

Freezer cold on gas or AC

Fridge compartment not cooling. Thermo resistor clipped in place on cooling fins. 

Troubleshooting ideas welcome. 



Check that the thermistor is working. Can you hear the fan start up and run at different times , if not put a jumper wire across the the two terminals on the thermistor and the fan should run. If the fan doesnt run it's time to replace the fan. When mine went bad I teporarily set a ladder beside the 5th and put  with duct tape a fan on top bowing at the vent where the coils are. I also installed an inline swith so I could manually bypass the thermistor on super hot days so I could run the fan constantly ( going back to the beginning verify that one of the wires at the thermistor has 12V as I recall there is an inline fuse

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Thanks for responding 


This fridge is in my truck camper. I have not used the camper personally for 3 years. Family have used it for some weekends and it went an a late fall vacation without me last year. I’m planning to use it so I’ve been in it “camping” by my trailer.

Did you guys know when your fridge runs out of gas it quits cooling? The cylinder I was running on was very low so I switched to the inboard cylinder which is the nuisance one to unlimber and fill and hardly gets used only for a few hours till outboard easy one gets refilled etc etc long story short it ran out too 😯... oops...

cool weather here right now. Interior camper temp right now is 55F 15C, inside fridge on max cooling is 32F 0C.

All appears good. Warm weather coming will monitor performance.


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1 hour ago, noteven said:

Did you guys know when your fridge runs out of gas it quits cooling?

That sort of thing happens all of us at some point. 😁  Probably the freezer was not as cold as normal but just took longer to warm up. 

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1 hour ago, bigbillsd said:

LOL,  filling the difficult tank will still be a lot easier than turning the unit upside down.  😎  -Bill

Ya I wheeled the rig around best I could do was get it up on two wheels. Not sure how I thought I could get it upside down 😜

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6 hours ago, noteven said:

Going to see if equipped with a fan. 

If you mean a fan to help move air through the back of the unit, they are quite easy to install. I would add a thermostat to control when it operates as in cold weather a fan running will cause it to stop working at a higher temperature than without. Our current refrigerator didn't have a built-in fan so I added an ARP-RV device that includes a fan. 

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