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Front Diesel smaller Class A


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Hi Dick here,

We are looking for a small Class A Diesel (32' to 34') Tiffen or Newmar quality RV.

The only ones we have found have. a front engine, usually 5.9 liter Cummins. 

My question is any comments regarding noise or servicing or handling


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When we had our Sprinter-based Class C a fellow stopped us one time to ask questions. One of those was whether or not the noise of the diesel engine bothered us. We asked if it was bothering him. He didn't realize it was running.

The only way to know if it is going to bother you is to go listen to one.

Linda Sand

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21 hours ago, Kirk Wood said:

We have known two couples who owned Tiffin coaches built on the FRED chassis. Both of them were quite happy with their coaches. I drove one of them for about 100 miles and found it quite comfortable in ride and handling. 

Hi Kirk

Do you remember how the noise level was in the cockpit??

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