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inserting html snippets

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I want to insert the Visited All States map onto my forum signiture, but it is html and apparently the site does not allow html.  I tried using the code <> insert, but it did not work.  What do I do?

Here is the snippet.   <a href="https://m.maploco.com/visited-states/mine.php?states=AZ-CA-CO-ID-MT"><img src="https://map1.maploco.com/visited-states/ml/AZ-CA-CO-ID-MT.png" border=0><br>Create Your Own Visited States Map</a>

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It's just the image, but you could try using this: 


It's awfully big for a signature image and I don't know if the forum software permits it to be sized to a smaller size.  I guess that capability might be available via forum administration software but is not implemented.



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On 4/4/2018 at 2:16 PM, Chad Heiser said:

You can go to this site and create an image of all the states you have visited and paste that image into your signature (it is what I did).  If/when you visit a new state, you just go back to the site and create a new map image.  It is a pretty simple process.


Duhhhh. How simple.  Thank you for mentioning going back adn remaking a new map. My brain must have been asleep when I was at their website.  And, it is so easy to adj the size of a jpg.

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