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Tired Of The Data Caps On Hotspotting Your Laptop With A Laptop Or Tablet?


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I posted this on another thread here but think this new product is deserving of its own thread because it is the ideal method for folks dependent on cell phone unlimited plans that penalize hotspot connections to a laptop or computer, as opposed to using just your phone. THey will begin shipping in June 2018 or so and can be pre-ordered here: https://miraxess.com/miraxess-news/

Most folks I know and have repaired computers and tablets for, have no real need for a new complex laptop or computer just to use basic Internet browsers, send and receive Email, and make presentations and documents. Most phones have apps that can do anything a computer can do but fall short on being able to connect to a larger screen and have nice keyboard. Sure there are Bluetooth keyboards and USB second screens available. But for the price of those and less you can get this one system that connects to your phone and looks like a laptop screen and keyboard, but is using the phone system only!

This product is just now coming out and will solve two issues.

1. The limitations of using the phone as a hotspot to WiFi to a computer

2. The problem of seeing the tiny screens and typing on tiny Bluetooth keyboards.

A big plus is that you can get free Microsoft Apps for Word and Outlook as well as Excel in both iOS Apple iPhones, and Android phones.

Read the below:



This is simply a fantastic way to do low impact data for those on the road.

It is NOT A LAPTOP! It is an attachment for your phone to see it larger, and have a nice laptop like keyboard. Android Phones today have the capacity to use 200GB micro SD cards which is enough storage for any person on the road to do letters, emails, documents, surf the Internet, etc. I don't think iPhones are going to be supported, just Android, at least at first. iPhones without SD crads can be had with 128GB of RAM I believe maybe more. As well iPhones can download the data to a laptop or desktop, or external flash drive, see here: https://www.amazon.com/external-hard-drive-iphone/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aexternal hard drive for iphone . So perhaps for iPhones too in the future. But not now.

Problem solved for Android phone users.

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Bill the Atrix webtop was like a mini Bluetooth keyboard and a dock. Here are the pictures: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Motorola-Atrix-4G-Entertainment-Center-Webtop-Access-Kit-Bundle-Gently-Used/173033432264?hash=item284998a4c8:g:DJYAAOSwkotaCIKD

The new Mirabook offering is an attached keyboard and screen with a dedicated colored smart phone stand so you can type in your lap like a laptop. The phone stand makes it easy to pick up the laptop and the phone is securely attached to move to another location.


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Hello RV_ and thank you for your thread!

Our CEO is a huge fan of the Motorola dock indeed and he used it when he was a student. That's why we have a common vision with them. We think this lapdock was not a huge success because it was a bad time to market. But as you said, now smartphones are powerful enough and they are replacing laptops and computers.

For more information about our vision, you can take a look at our video


If you want to ask something about the Mirabook, you can reach us via chat on our website, mails or social media.

Thanks for your interest,

Best regards

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Our CEO is a huge fan of the Motorola dock indeed and he used it when he was a student. That's why we have a common vision with them. We think this lapdock was not a huge success because it was a bad time to market. But as you said, now smartphones are powerful enough and they are replacing laptops and computers.

I bought a Motorola lapdock on eBay a while back, but I don't use it with a phone.  Instead, it's a handy keyboard-monitor interface for my Raspberry Pi.

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Whoa! That's a first. MY avatar says 3500 posts or so but that has been reset from 12000 to 5000m then from 8000 to 3000 most recently. Why I have not a clue. Back to the comment, of all those posts, in many of which I mention new products I have never had a company come in and join and say Hi! You may want to get in touch with the HQ folks and become one of our sponsors and get a recurring ad and here is why. This website and magazine the club publishes reaches a niche market that you can design for and tweak your product to suit them to a T. But you need to get to paying Escapees for advertising to be able to use the forums to ask those questions. Call them at the below number and ask for the advertising folks, they are open until 5 Central time. The members here will help anyone who can make their computing and connecting on the road better. Gord is a manufacturer of devices to boost signal legally and you can see his interchanges here:


You can reach the advertising folks at the below email or phone. I would love to see your company come in and field questions about what we need. I am not a big phone data person myself since we came off the road after 7 years of full-time RVing but all the traveling members are very dependent on cell data, and your devices seem tailor made. If you can please this group you will have a product that will fit the needs of every niche group you want to reach.

Escapees, Inc.


| 888-757-2582 |

Mailing Address

100 Rainbow Drive
Livingston, TX 77351


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Conceptually, great idea, but this is a Kickstarter deal.  You're not guaranteed to receive any product for your "pre-order".  Also like any business plan it's success oriented meaning everything goes exactly to plan.  Ask Max Signal about that.  When there's software and firmware involved, expect 6 months minimum delay.

Hope they are successful, because there is definitely a need.

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Understood nodirection,

I hope they are successful too. It was obvious enough by the fact they were doing pre-orders. I am pursuing getting one but I need to see them in production first.

Thanks for clarifying for any that did not read that far.

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The idea is dissimilar in that the mirabook holds the phone up and attached to it securely as if they were one unit so you can squirm and use it like a laptop in bed or on the sofa. No tracking separate kb, mouse, screen, power supplies etc.

I've already done the same several items and one tablet or phone. But it wasn't as easy to move as a laptop. Go here and gander at my workarounds and all of them on my Photobucket are mine, not copied pix. I still have them all. My goal was to get the smaller tablets to eye height instead of hunching down with it at table top level. Go here:

http://s1359.photobucket.com/user/RV_Roadie/library/Tablet Stands?sort=3&page=1

I also have fold out full size keyboards, a Logitech K-400, a small aluminum kb, and several sets of wireless kb and mouse that share one full size USB receiver. Bose SoundLink minis (2) and several others. I'm flying out to Denver with two tablets, two chargers, My MotoZ play phone, and the type cover on my Surface Pro. Clearing security will be interesting with the new rules.

I am interested in how others in RVs innovate to tailor the devices to our human ergonometry. The Mirabook is one such attempt. Might work.

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