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Saw the above this morning. 100 miles isn't enough, but 300 may be when I retire. How many solar panels would I have to have to recharge?



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We would need to know the pack voltage to figure out how many panels. But I would guess you would want a 600 volt array. As you will likely be looking at a 400 volt battery pack. with 72 cell panel you would need 17 of them in series. If you could find 72 cell 100w panels they would fit on a 5er. It would just take 1400 hrs to charge it up at 100 watts.

the hybrid model would be well fitted thou. 100 mile EV range with another 200 miles added by a small ICE. Shut down the ICE before you get to the park. plug it into the ped and trickle charge it during your stay. would only take 90 hrs on a 15 amp outlet.

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The battery gives 100 mile range, it's capacity is 140 Kwh (Kilowatt Hours).  So you need to generate at least that much power to recharge it.

For perspective, a 50 amp 240 volt outlet provides 12 Kw of power running flat out.  Divide 140 Kwh by 12 Kw and it will take at least 12 hours to recharge the battery from a 50 amp RV outlet.

If you're interested, there's a series of videos on YouTube made by a guy who did a do-it-yourself electric conversion of a VW bus.  He began by making his own Li-ion battery packs out of laptop battery cells like Elon Musk used in his first Tesla roadster, now he's using real Tesla batteries.  He's posted close to 200 videos documenting his progress, including a 1200 km electric road trip.  Search for Electric Samba Series on YouTube.

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The article also mentions new 12 and 15L engines, the 12L sounds promising for RV use.



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