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E-Mail Spam/Junk


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I use two e-mails: Juno for family/friends, Netzero for all others, both web-based. They are both the same company (United Online). In past month I have been getting huge amounts of Junk and Spam e-mails on Netzero, but virtually none on Juno. Past couple days gave been receiving Junk mail from my own Netzero address, so assume it was somehow hijacked. Netzero acknowledges they might have a Spam filter problem and "are working on it". I can probably deal with the mass of junk mail for now; is there anything I can/should do about the Junk coming from my own Netzero e-mail address?

Netzero's only suggestion for the many Junk mails was to manually enter each e-mail address in their "block list", but 30-50 a day means way too much work for probably little return. They also mentioned a "domain block" which this 75-old semi-tech-savvy guy did not quite understand. One on-line post on another site said to just live with the e-mails being sent from my own address and they would eventually stop..??


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They are likely not actually being sent by your address but by an automated broadcaster that is just putting in your email address as the return address. There are headers embedded in the messages that should show the actual sender IP address. Just have to know what to look for and where. There are youtube videos on how to deal with these things. Here is a few tutorials explaining what is happening and how to deal with it.

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Hank, best advice is to do what charlie said, get a gmail acct. I was getting fed up with yahoo. so i open up a gmail acct. i prob get about 4 a month on that address. Main prob is that everybody is trying to make money off of everyone's info. i Still have my yahoo only because i have had it for over 20 years. way to many friends. customers have it so almost impossible to close it entirely .

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If you check you may find that most of the spam is coming from the same domains. I have a persistent spam list that keeps shifting domains every few weeks. But if they are spoofing your address then I would change email providers. I use my main email provided by my cable Internet provider, augmented by my website domain (www.rvroadie.com ) address that is forwarded to my main address. I use my domain forward as an additional screen of mail and every infected attachment or email was stripped and the header forwarded to me for blocking or info. I have run across malicious websites but they have no chance since Windows 10 is resistant to even zero day attempts these days.


There is a GMail spam scam phishing trap that many experienced folks like me have fallen for.



My Gmail is unused, only set up to use android phones.and a trap for dead mail I do not want. I do not do anything requiring payments on our new Android Moto Z Droid Play Android phones. So even Google does not have any payment details. credit card info, or anything that leads them back to me. I have a name for the R and the V in my domain address and that is all they have. These are placeholders until we can get Surface phones on Verizon.


Bear in mind we only use about 512 MB, not GB, of data between both of us a month because we do all our online at home, with high speed Internet. All our online shopping and banking are done via our Microsoft accounts and with Amazon and a few other trusted online vendors. We did have some on our Windows phones but they aging fast. We can wait.

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