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Our RV Internet Journey (so far)


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We when had our sticks and bricks house, we had att with a personal hotspot; we also had direct tv. When my husband and I sold our house and bought a 2017 Thor motorhome, we increased to 25gbs so we could use our hotspot for our computers, iPads, and be able to watch Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. ATT told us that once we used the 25 gigs that our internet would slow down-DID IT EVER! It was basically impossible to watch netflix, etc. on our TV (att told us not to use hotspot for our netflix,etc). Our Tiinternet on our computers reminded us of dial up back in the day-LOL!!


We decided to call T-moblie and I spoke to a great guy named Brandon. He said that their plan consists of:

*4g for our computer (unlimited)

*He said we could do "mirroring" with one of our devices and it would not affect the speed - he said to buy a Lightening Adaptor for apple and connect it to our Roku. This would make the connection 4g


Well we are not techies so of course it did not work because we are not sure how to plug it in along with the HDMI connector. So we dialed 611 Friday evening and the man was not sure what we should do- he talked to someone else; let's just say it did not work with new adaptor. However it works with our hotspot but that will only give us 3gs so it buffers at times. I don't want to call the weekend crew and tomorrow is a holiday so if someone wants to give us a step by step for us we will be truly appreciated.

Claudia and Rich

Full Time Newbies since September 1st 2017; freezing in Oregon (lived in Texas for 30 years!)

Sold home to be near one daughter one great son-in-law, and our new one and only granddaughter Brooklyn!!!




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Streaming movies over cellular internet simply is not practical, as you have found. And RVers trying to do that on the local rv park wifi is one (of several) reasons why park wifi is pretty useless at this point. Verizon does have a 450gb data plan, but you do pay dearly for it at $450/mo. Folks who have dumped cable & satellite TV in their stick house in favor of these movie apps because of the cost will find that satellite TV is much easier and cheaper in a mobile environment due to the difference in data costs.

Paul (KE5LXU), former fulltimer, now sometimer...

'03 Winnebago Ultimate Advantage 40E

'05 Honda Odyssey

Escapees, FMCA, WIT, SMART


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Verizon does have a 450gb data plan, but you do pay dearly for it at $450/mo.

The $450 Verizon plan is for 100GB, their maximum sized plan. Above 100GB there is $15/GB overage charge.


Geeks on Tour just covered internet on the road in their weekly video podcast, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVvYuFQopfE . They refer to https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/ for more detail.

2004 40' Newmar Dutch Star DP towing an AWD 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid, Fulltimer July 2003 to October 2018, Parttimer now.
Travels through much of 2013 - http://www.sacnoth.com - Bill, Diane and Evita (the cat)

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Hope this sorts out for you! We've been very successful at streaming via Verizon. We do have, for now, a grandfathered Unlimited Data plan.


As we travel.,,


-We use DirecTV for most of our viewing/DVR recording. (Dish works great too for many)

-We will also stream Netflix/Amazon shows too. Via either our Oppo BluRay Player, or Samsung SmartTV, or Roku 3.

-We do internet also via our Verizon data plan.

-It's our Samsung S6 set up as a Hot Spot, that provides the internet connection.

-We also have WiFi Ranger, for whenever we're at a location without adequate signal for good data feed from Verizon. A very few times, we'll be in a park with robust enough WiFi that they say it's OK to stream. Usually though, we use it for emails and surfing.


Take your time, stay warm, and dry!!! Over a period of time, reading this segment of the forum, and others - you'll come up with what works best for you...




Be safe, have fun,


04 CC Allure "RooII" - Our "E" ride for life!

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Hi there... we have a guide to TV & Entertainment on the road, including a video on using HDMI adapters at:




Streaming content over cellular data can be tricky however, but it has become easier and easier.


We personally use:


- T-Mobile Simple Choice 6GB plan that includes unlimited 480p Binge On (via HDMI, but also sees to work pretty well with AppleTV)

- DirecTV Now off our AT&T tiered data plan (on device via HDMI) - data doesn't count

- Using our Verizon unlimited data plan


- Cherie

Cherie & Chris (and Kiki *meow*) / Personal Blog: Technomadia.com
Technomads (technology enabled nomads) since 2006

Our Nomadic Fleet:
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