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Australian RVers, wanting to buy a used RV in America, what forms etc are required?


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Hi All

We are recently retired Aussies who have a 5 year B1B2 visa, looking to purchase a used RV. Not sure how to proceed in purchasing a used RV via a private sale.

I am currently looking at a nice RV in North Carolina but want to register it in Texas using the Escapees address, the owner can't help me with all of the required paperwork.

Any advice would be most appreciated.



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Two years ago we advertised our motorhome on RV Trader and had a family from Australia purchase it. They wired a deposit into my bank. when they arrived they paid the balance in cash. The MH was paid, no loan. The used a friend of theirs address and got transport plates from NY to Alabama. From there I don't know how they registered it. They sold it about two months later in CA

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Welcome to the new adventure!!!

We are Australians who have owned two class A motorhomes in the USA. (+3 other vehicles). Spent more than a total of 7 year poking around and traveling there.


You're going to get conflicting advice because we have all done it in our own unique ways.


First step is to join Escapees and get a mailing address.


A reminder that even with a 5 year B1B2 visa you are still limited to no more than 6 months at a time. (There are ways around this but it's a risky tactic).


Before you can register you need insurance. To get insurance you need an address. Hence the need for an address such as Escapees.


You can PM me if you have specific questions.



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I can tell you one thing for sure about Texas. When you register it, they will ask for proof how much sales tax you paid. If the Texas tax rate is more than you paid, they will charge you the extra and if you paid no sales tax with purchase then they will charge you the full Texas sales tax rate. The good news is Texas does not charge property tax on the value. However, they do charge a fee based on weight, which is much less than value tax.

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