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Winegard Trav'ler Issue

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We have a Trav'ler with Dish network on 2016 FR Cedar Creek. We bought it last March and haven't had issues until this trip. We took our Hopper 2 from the house (no issues at home) and took off for the holidays. We made 3 different stops over 2 weeks and changed our service address each time.


The issue is we would lose a satellite on a regular basis and doing something would fix it. If we reset the Hopper it would be fine if we repointed the dish it would be fine so anything we did would resolve the problem temporarily. I did a switch check and it would fail on tuner 3.


I checked all the connections both at the Trav'ler and at the Hopper and nothing was overtly loose. We got home yesterday and I hooked the Hopper up at home and checked the switch again and it was fine.


Would y'all give me a direction to go from here. I don't have testing equipment nor do would I know how to use it if I had them.



So where should I begin?

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What is a Solo Node? What does it do?


Spoke to Winegard this morning and they said I would need one at the Trav'ler to run the Hopper 2. Found one on Amazon looks simple to get up there and install.



We only use the Hopper for extended trips and use a 211 for short weekend trips, will the Solo Node effect the 211?

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The Solo Node combines two of the LNB output ports to support the three tuners on your H2. Your 211 will not work with the Solo Node, but you can use the third output port to feed it instead, leaving the Solo Node connected for the H2. You could even use both receivers at the same time if you wanted to, with one connected to a second TV. I'm not familiar with just how the Trav'ler control setup works, but hopefully someone that does will jump in and fill in the blanks. At least now you know why the third tuner on your H2 was not working.

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Ok, why do you think he was missing tuner 3?

A single coax cable in Dish Pro Plus supports two multiplexed signal streams. Ergo, one coax from the Dish to the Solo carries two of the three data streams while the second coax from the Dish to the Solo carries the third signal stream.


The Solo combines the three data streams from the Dish into the Coax from the Solo to the Hopper. That coax is using MOCA 8x multiplexing to get the three Dish data streams into the Hopper and the data streams out to the Joeys.


So without a Solo, only two tuners will be active. You might pass the Switch Check with a single cable and no Solo, but you won't work very well if you want to watch more than two satellites.

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do not need a solo node just for the Hopper.

Press menu

select setting

select diagnostics

select system status

Line 'a' watch and wait till 100 %


Report on what you see


119 (green(, 110 (green), 129 (green)

line 'a' good


Of course it sees all two or three sats depending on which arc and which LNBF is in use. What doesn't work without the Node is all three H2 tuners.

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My experience with a missing satellite/tuner on our Hopper might be unique and it might be the OPs problem. It took several weeks and multiple onsite techs and visits to correct. It started with a Solo Node which failed. Once the solo node was replaced, the problems started. Every tech that saw the system insisted on putting new terminator hardware on the cables and reconnecting the solo node. One of those techs managed to install one of the antenna coax's so that the center connecter touched the housing of the solo node (effectively grounding it). Run all the check switches and system status checks you want, only 2 tuners were available. The Hopper was swapped out, same result. The last tech to visit decided to revisit every connection before he left. Voila, eureka, etc. - the problem cleared up instantly and everything has been working as intended for the past year.


Not an antenna problem, not a Hopper problem, just a human cabling error.

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