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Close call


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Yesterday on the way back home from up Island someone in a smaller car didn't stop at a stop sign and started rolling onto the highway from my right. I was in the curb lane and swerved the truck hard to the left taking the nose out of my lane and somewhat into the left center lane on a divide hiway. Hope I haven't lost everyone. The car kept coming and we missed each other by less than 2 feet, the car missed my trailer by roughly the same. After passing the car, I returned back to my lane but not as dramatically.


So it was a hard turn to the left then hold, look to the right and then the right rear view mirror, clear the car with the trailer then return less erratically to my lane then look in the left mirror, see a black Suv somewhat behind but not in danger of being hit. To be honest I didn't have time to check the drivers mirror before cutting into the left lane.


Anyway, I'm wondering had I been driving an LDT would the outcome have been the same or would control have been lost. It's not as though I was going down a steep hill with no trailer brakes, hitting the brake pedal and the trailer continuing to push the truck causing a jackknife.


Secondly there was an accident close by the RV park I'm at. A pickup pulling a trailer flipped over on its side with the trailer. The trailer came open and contents all over the hiway. The truck and trailer passed someone my brother knows who said it was swerving. Presumably it was exceeding the speed limit. Roads were dry, weather good.


What causes a trailer to swerve from side to side.


Note to self, get a dash cam.

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No sway control on the hitch, under-inflated trailer tires are also likely, all made worse by hitting the truck brakes instead of backing off the throttle and applying the trailer brakes alone.


Many years back we were telling the hosts at a campground we were checking into about an idiot we'd seen on I-5. Doofus was going 70 plus with a short SUV and about 25 feet of pull trailer, whipping all over the road and cranking on the wheel like he was in NASCAR. Blew by us and made it a couple more miles before it crashed and split it open, truck was still hitched to the trailer that was flipped to one side. Got all done telling them about it and how stupid/dangerous the driver was before they mentioned it was their son, returning a borrowed trailer. We didn't stay there long.

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If in a LDT you might be going to a repair shop instead of the RV park especially with your trailer. Lucky for you the left lane was clear otherwise it could have been a bit messy. This is another "glowing" reason some of us have more truck than we need. Safety is one item I don't mind

"over doing". Just my $.02.

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Hi Roger,


It is good to hear that you and your family are safe. It could have gotten ugly real quick if there was a car to the left of you. The guy that pulled out in front of you would have keep on going down the road and would have been talking to the troopers about what started this problem. It is nice to have someone ride with you that have special powers. Everyone needs a guardian angel.



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Hi Rodger glad to here your ok. We met at the WCR. Just wondering if you have a stabilization system on your truck and if so did it shut down power. Salesman that took us for a test drive before we bought our truck violently turned steering wheel from one side to the other in advertently activated the system it cut all power to the throttle literally shutting the rig down. He thought he broke the truck. Did not know it had system on it. Sure was a surprise to him and us.

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Couple of thoughts-

Not checking that left mirror could have been ugly.

Not having the dash cam would make you the bad guy not having proof of the other vehicle.

Doing an aggressive lane change with a light tow vehicle can be ugly. If the tail sways and moves the back of the truck, the reflex is to correct with the steering wheel which exacerbates the sway issue.

Hitting the brakes during an aggressive maneuver with a light tow vehicle is bad as well. Towed vehicle can push the tow into a jacknife or worse.


Having the 3 cameras on the trailer, all showing on 1 monitor is great in those conditions. 1 glance can tell me if the left lane is clear, what's behind me, and if I'm over far enough to allow the overtaking vehicle by. But I generally don't care if you have to run down the shoulder a little.

Recently in Atlanta, a similar situation happened, except I didn't move. 2 cars were on my left, another truck dead on our butt, so I held my lane. They swerved back to the shoulder when they realized that that big beige wall wasn't moving away from them. Alie was concerned for a moment :rolleyes: , but if it happened, insurance is paid this month.

Even in the big bad truck, my eyes are always moving, left mirror, GPS (speedo) is in line of site, monitor, forward hood passenger mirror, passenger door mirror, etc. Always watching whatever I can. Where'd that little white car go?

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Truck is an '09 so not aware of stabilization, may have come in later years.

I only went into the left lane a couple of feet so I may not have hit the vehicle if he was centered in the lane. No time to look, just react.


Nothing would have shown up in any mirrors. It was movement in my peripheral vision


The white car did pull into traffic behind me but fell back a bit, but I was watching him. He or she had the little white LED's around the headlight rim.


Looking into a dash cam this weekend. I like Phil's setup. Phil let me know what you have and how it's set up if you don't mind.

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