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Password on Startup W10


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I have a new laptop(2-3 weeks) and recently an upgrade from MS was done, I assume the W10 Anniversary update. Since then I am always asked for a password on wakeup(?). I have unchecked the box in User Accounts so that a password is not required but it still wants a password. Prior to the update this all worked as advertised.


Does anyone know how to get rid of the password requirement? Is it a bug?

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I did that 2-3 weeks ago and everything was working fine. I had at least one update, maybe 2 and still things worked. The update that occurred this week caused it to stop working. Maybe I should recheck it, reboot, uncheck it and reboot. Might clear up what is wrong.I didn't think an update would change any of my changes.....................It really shouldn't without notifying you.

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Since then I am always asked for a password on wakeup(?).


If I take the OP at her word that her problem is password on wakeup and not password on bootup, then I don't believe any of the previous posts have addressed it. Password on wakeup has always been addressed through Control Panel/Power Options/System Settings as shown in the attached screenshot.


If this isn't the OP's problem then this advice will not help her.

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I had everything checked off in all locations for no password and a password was still required. After I rechecked everything and booted, unchecked and booted everything cleared up. Also, other odd things cleared up also. Other odd things: Every time I opened Explorer it would open my DVD drive; something called Software Assist(I think that was the name) stopped popping up; PC just being unresponsive cleared up; gave me a choice at logon to use my microsoft id and password vs. my pc password.


Does anyone know if there is a way to schedule these updates so they are only done overnight? Annoys me that I hop on to do something minor and an update takes over and ties up my machine.

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