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Flooded Area's Assistance


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Regarding the extremely wide areas of flooding that has taken place this month and in May, We are considering some volunteer time around Christmas and the location will be decided after my family decides where and when the Christmas gathering will be.

My Questions are what groups would organize such, I know church groups but is there a broker covering these groups and such.

Being in our middle 70's the work would be light, Painting, cooking, assembly, refinish furniture and such.

Then there is parking the 40 foot Fifth Wheel, Where? I can dry camp a week but like a 15 amp circuit to charge batteries rather than run the generator.

Has Escapees or RV group ever set a Temporary work camp park like at a fairgrounds, closed shopping center or such. Often Utility Crew do this in area follow a disaster but is short term, normally less than two weeks but this would be a longer term. The main requirement is space, fresh water and Dump station.


Anyone else have this in their plans. I know that the amount of destruction will take months to over come.



Freightliner M2 106

MS 38PS3 modified and 40 foot long.

Summer in the upper Midwest and winter in Texas

Escapees # 116305


Clay & Marcie Too old to play in the snow

Diesel pusher and previously 2 FW and small Class C

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One of the best and most organized is the Baptist Men organization...whatever your skill or energy level is they can use you and are fantastic to work with. We have worked the kitchen units a couple of times and it was a great experience. Here is a link to the Texas chapter.



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SOWERS is just one Christian camper volunteer group that does such work. They can utilize almost any help offered, from sweeping floors to retired CEO's helping set up operations.


2000 Winnebago Ultimate Freedom USQ40JD, ISC 8.3 Cummins 350, Spartan MM Chassis. USA IN 1SG retired;Good Sam Life member,FMCA ." And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you--ask what you can do for your country.  John F. Kennedy 20 Jan 1961


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Habitat generally works on new homes. I don't know if they are planning to do anything on the Floods mentione or even the fire damage in Ft Mac earlier this year. I contacted the Volunteer Co-ordinator in Baton Rouge and she will get back to me when there is something to report. I also contacted people in Houston, they to will get back to me when they have something nailed down.


I've done a ton of this work over 20 yrs, USA, Canada and overseas. Some one told me the mucking out was the glory part of it, the difficult work is the rebuilding. That is those who are trades can be the most help. They bring job sense as well as common sense.


Most Faith based groups will probably show up, Lutherans, Roman Catholics, Menonite Disaster Services, Mormons plus others.


It's late now so I'll get contact info on another post tomorrow nite but for now, I'd say MDS would be a good bet. They are movers and shakers. MDS as well as Habitat have tool trailers and are pretty well stocked with most of what you will need.


As far as accommodation goes, Habitat has a lot of Affiliates. Habitat Careavanners, Google them up, is a good bunch to get involved with. Places like Vero Beach, Ft Meyers, Sebring have RV parking with power, water and sewer adjacent to their Re store or close by. Sometimes free, sometimes subsidized.


I generally go after the worst cases, old ladies ripped off by some so called builder. The problem is they need to have the building supplies in order to proceed with the job. Drywall, insulation, vapor barrier, electrical, Hvac. So someone has to co-ordinate the purchase and delivery.....with what, she has no money or flood insurance. So we have to wait for grants or donations of money or materials.


If the house sits striped out for a prolonged period in the heat, floors heave, wall studs warp and twist compounding the problems.


You will go back to your RV at night and bang your head against the wall, on the plus side, the people are incredibly grateful.


You do what you can as best you can....no one can ask for more.


There is a location in Slidell which can either house you or provide accommodation for your rig as well as 3 meals a day during the week for 150$ a week. Wi-Fi and all.


I've worked with all types, lawyers, retired FBI, Dr's ....If you don't have trade skills but do have a willingness to learn, that is more important than someone who is a know it all and is a PITA. The way things are done in NY is not the way they are done in Florida. IE exterior doors on the Florida houses I worked on swing out, not in. Reason is so Hurricanes can't blow the door in.


We generally get up to 20 people on a 'build'. Work starts at 7:30 goes till 2:30 or 3, Monday to Friday and till noon Sat. Sat pm, Sunday and Monday are yours to do what you want or move on to the next scheduled build.


1115 pm here got to get some sleep. I'll be back at it tomorrow with more info.



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Habitat is also on Facebook. You can google them up on Facebook in the various locations to see if they are active or or not.







A couple of links to Habitat. First one is the Build list schedule. The builds go for 2 week increments. Some are ongoing. Pick the one you are interested and contact the info desk. Most in Jan and Feb are full but you can be put on a wait list. The other alternative is to contact the affiliate directly. The reason they are full is generally because the RV pads are full. You can stay at another RV park and contact the affiliate to say you would like to volunteer but not as a Careavanner. Habitat has lots of people all over who live in the respective areas and volunteer a couple or more days a week. Some specialize in certain areas, roofing for instance. They are not Careavanners.


Vero Beach is a good location, good parking for a 40' rig, wifi and a good kitchen and shower facility.


Indiantown is another, parking is in a marina parking lot, showers, laundry and wifi, I think.


Ft Meyers is another. They have RV parking beside the Re store but with an HDT plus a 40' trailer parking really isn't possible, too tite. I stayed at http://www.orangegroverv.com/. Really nice place just 5 minute walk from the job site.


Info for Baton Rouge.

Mr. Dickinson,

Thanks so much for your offer of help. As soon as I have a schedule, I will get that information to you.

Kris Lastrapes

Volunteer/Construction Coordinator

Habitat for Humanity of GBR

Phone: 225-927-6651 Ext. 214

Fax: 225-927-6347

To help us with our flood relief efforts, go to www.habitatbr.org or Facebook!

Info for Mandeville Habitat.


Danielle Wilczynski

Volunteer Coordinator

Habitat for Humanity St. Tammany West

1400 North Lane | Mandeville, Louisiana 70471

office 985.893.3172 ext 222

fax: 985.893-0643



The location in Slidell to park the rig at is




Info for Houston


Mr. Dickinson,


Thank you for your feedback. Longer term projects are available, and you will be contacted when those opportunities and special projects arise. My initial correspondence was to gauge interest in volunteering with our new program. Again, thank you for your feedback, and we look forward to coordinating our efforts with yours in the future.


Take care.

Damon Ross

SSSP Program Manager


Office: 104 N. Greenwood; Houston 77011

phone: 713-659-2511



Rebuilding Together Houston restores hope and revitalizes neighborhoods by repairing and renovating homes at no cost to low-income elderly, disabled or service veteran homeowners in need. Through the work of volunteers and the support of community partners we seek to preserve the dignity of individuals and build a brighter future for our city.



There is always lighter work, cleaning, caulking, handles, knobs. Holding something while someone else fastens it with a screw or nail.


This should keep you occupied, contact me if you have more questions. All we can do is wait until things start to take shape.



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