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Maintenance area at Escapees parks ?


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I've been part time RVing for 10 year and will go full timing soon. I'm looking at joining Escappes.


I was wondering if the Escappes owned parks have areas where I can do maintenance on my Ram 2500. I thinking about changing the engine oil, transmission fluid and and other fluids.



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Keep in mind that the Escapee co-op parks are owned by the members of that park and not by the Escapee organization and so they each have their own rules and unique features. I happen to know that some of them do have such an area, but am not sure about them all. I'll do some checking to see if I can get an "official" response to your question.

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Thank you for the replies. I will be joining - a maintenance area is a nice benefit to have.


I try to do as much maintenance as I can because of the complexity of modern vehicles and average repair shops can really screw up a vehicle today. For example, my cooling system requires OAT fluid, if HOAT is put in the coolant can gel or break down into particles. Even the oil recommended is very specific.

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