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Sloppy shifter/new bushing installation


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So I replaced the bushing at the base of the stick because I had huge movement. Didn't help. Maybe a little. So I took the top apart and found no apparent wear and nice tight parts and movement. But I did find twisting movement in the new bushing. I'm not going to admit to anything but it is entirely possible that I, err, I mean the guy that drilled the bushing made the holes too big, or wrong. They are supposed to be 3/4" and thats what I used but maybe you guys know of a technique I should have used that would have left me with a more satisfactory result.

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That's not very encouraging! :huh:


My shifter is sloppier than I want as well. Been looking at the parts breakdown trying to figure out if I can just rebuild or if I should just get a new tower. My driver buddys say it's not that bad, but if it can be better, I want it! I can see the bushing between the stick and the tower shaft has some twist too?

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I put a new high tower assy on them. You'd think an inch wouldn't make much difference but it really does shorten the throw in both directions. I didn't cut the added inch out of the shift lever before welding it back together but I probably should have. To be honest the last couple I have done were fairly new trucks that didn't need a new bushing and the same lever went back on. I just like the high tower better.


Parts list for 13/18:



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Yup. I can't remember for sure if it comes with a gasket or if I get one out of the drawer or not. So not too sure there. It might also be worth replacing the detent balls and springs while in there?


It is hard to put in words but it isn't really a sportier feel but shorter. You can't really shift any faster and it doesn't really change any gates or stiffness/notches at the gates. It just takes less lever to get there if that makes any sense... I'm sure pushing force changes some but I don't really push much so I don't really notice.

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