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Arriving at the Escapade site.........

Kirk W

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Just a couple of notes to help you as you come to Boot Camp and to Escapade.......... There is a Duncan Donuts shop & sign directly across the street from the fair grounds. You will be turning to the north when entering the park.


The next picture shows a map of the streets to the park.


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I really wanted to do that too! Problem is that the city of Essex Junction has laws that say we can't put temporary signs out and very tough restrictions on what can be put up! Broke my heart that they won't let me stand out on the street like one of those dancing sign carriers! :wacko:

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We're arriving on Saturday, probably between 12 and 1. Is there any value to planning an approach so that we're making a right turn into the facility vs a left?

That would make it somewhat easier, but I don't think that it will be a major issue. We start parking today with incoming staff so I'll try and get back to you this afternoon once we have tested with more than on RV arriving at once. The street you approach on is somewhat busy but when we arrived we did a left turn into the fairground and it was not a significant problem.


Is there a place to pull off and unhitch our toad? We won't be able to do this until we get to the Escapade. We re coming in on Friday.

Yes. We do have a designated lane for arrivals to stop and unhook after you turn into the grounds. While it may be helpful to you if you unhook prior to arrival, for some it may be necessary and so we do plan for that. Also, singles who tow a car don't have much choice so we also have an area to leave the towed, and customer service can provide a ride back to get the car after the RV has been parked.


Just FYI, when I woke up at 6 am today the temperature outside was 50°!

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In the last few days I think Kirk wrote a thread as to where a laundromat was, Walmart, etc. I didn't have a printer at the time and thought I kept is someplace, problem is I can't find someplace. If anyone hs a copy of it please give me the link.



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