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Sad to admit that I made a mistake - 2016 Freedom Elite


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I have been wanting an RV for many years. I really thought that the right time came. I fell in love and bought a brand new 2016 Freedom Elite. Beautiful , gorgeous unit. The unit has so much luxury, more than my home. I love it. Sadly reality hit me that because of family circumstances I will not be able to take this RV anywhere. So now I must sell it. I advertise everywhere i can. The unit has only 1400 miles. Some of the tags are still on. Selling price; I am asking what I owe to the bank. I asked the dealer to buy it back and they offered me half of what I owe to the bank. I have been making the monthly payments. Please any advise will be greatly appreciated. I must sell it. Please ask me any questions you might have.



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Sadly, you face an all too common situation. Once you took possession of your new motor home it's monetary value dropped exponentially. Your dealer posted a MSRP on the vehicle for which you hopefully were able to negotiate a sale price of somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 to 75 percent. To that price were added "fees" and tax. Of the say now, oh 70% of the original MSRP, your now used Freedom Elite dropped another 25% the moment you drove it off the lot. Hopefully, you made a significant enough a down payment to cover your now loss. Recreational vehicles are not investments, they clearly depreciate in resale value immediately. I realize that your wonderful new motor home still has the "new" shine and smell, but potential purchasers out there are going to be looking for the lowest used RV price available. Sell it quickly, before it drops in value even more when the 2017 models go on sale. I'm sorry to be the harbinger of negative news, but the facts remain the same. Is their no way that you might be able to keep the home for future enjoyment? I hope that you can keep the dream alive. As always, oRV


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While it is sad the circumstance which brought you here, even so I want to welcome you to the Escapee forums. The first suggestion that I have is that you should go to the RV's, Tows, and Toads For Sale forum and post your ad there with pictures and as much detail as possible. Go to the NADA website and plug in as much detail as possible and it will give you an idea of what you can expect to sell it for. Keep in mind that the 2017 units have been announced and will be available soon so this is a year old now. For anyone here to help much more you will need to share more information. One thing that might work is to find a buyer who would take over your loan, if your lender will allow that to happen. Best of luck in your future!

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