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RV Hitch - how important to reducing vibration

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We've just recently factory ordered the smallest of the Open Range Roamers. As I recall the ones we've seen, I realize I paid no attention to the hitch, but I don't recall it having any sort of mechanism to soften vibration.


Can someone who owns a similar unit by Highland Ridge comment on the hitch construction, and how well it works?


As a no longer New owner of an RV, I've become aware of how much damage continuous vibration can do to a unit. Might it be worthwhile to invest in a better hitch than will come with this Roamer?


What do you think?

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Hmm...I've never heard of a lot of vibration travelling through the hitch before. If that happens one would think that there is a problem with the truck? My tow vehicle ran pretty darn smooth.

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If you're asking about a MorRyde pin box or the Flex Air type from Lippert, then yes they do help. It's not so much vibration, but chucking from large potholes, bridge joints, concrete highways that have the expansion joint every 25' that cause issues.


The other item would be an air ride hitch in the truck itself.

What are you going to be towing with?

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The air hitches are more of a shock absorber than a vibration prevention. Since I've never owned a fifth wheel I'm an observer of the issue and have listened to that discussion for a long time. I'll tell you this much, I can only recall one RVer who bought any of the air hitches that didn't seem to feel that it was worth the cost. Some will disagree as to whether the air bag is best on the trailer pin box or in the truck bed on the fifth wheel hitch, but most agree that it is a good purchase. As an observation, they are much less common on the smaller, lighter weight fifth wheels than on larger, heavier ones.

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We have a Trail-Air hitch on the rig and air bags on the truck. Between the two we have a fairly smooth towing experience. However, we still hit some of those bridge joints that just simply bounce us around. I think the Trail-Air helps a lot, but it is not the be all, end all. I try to watch traffic ahead of me, observing the bounce I see, and slow down as needed. Not a perfect solution, but it helps. And, has been said, smaller and lighter rigs are not as likely to be affected. Personally, I think highway engineers never really drive the roads they design, but that is another conversation.


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