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Volvo 610 Drawer Issue - Fixed

Dennis M

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OK, who has the skinny on drawers?


1999 Volvo VNL 610. Three drawer cabinet behind drivers seat. Anyone know how to get the drawers in and out? We have the middle drawer open and it will not close or come out of the cabinet. Nothing blocking it in the drawer below, just the slide on one side seems jammed.


How do I get the top drawer out to investigate?


Any ideas welcome!!



Fri 5/6


Stationary for a while so I dove into he drawer issue. There is a black metal bracket that both stops the drawer from coming all the way out and is the female portion of the latch holding it closed. It has to be removed to get the drawer out.


Two T25 Torx screws, but you need a shorty Torx driver to get at them. I used a 1/8" allen wrench. The drawer slides are held in by horizontal screws, one of which had backed out enough to stop the drawer from closing! Tightened all the screws and reassembled, works fine. Metal bracket needs to be properly adjusted to hold the drawer snug when closed to prevent rattles.

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Both of the drawers above the fridge were not catching so they would fly open. One was due to both of the Torx screws being loose on the cabinet rail which was tightened and the other was a faulty catch which was replaced. Remove brown plastic handle from the back with Torx screws.


Latch part VO 21202505


Same latch fits both top and bottom drawer.

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