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Lockheed Martin F-35 $400 billion boondogle?


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Certainly none taken Docj. This is perhaps the largest example of a far overreaching project that is allowed to continue draining our money(borrowed money none the less) in spite of its doubtful future. Never fear, the U.S. Air Force is still pushing the F-35 project ahead, look how many jobs will be lost if the F-35 is canned now.

You'll find current stories about the F-35 project on the internet that echo what Business Insider wrote.

Kinda odd it's never in the news media this election cycle.

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Changed it has, things are even worse, a bit of duplication in these but the thought of removing older aircraft from service before these really ready to fly in combat is scary. Really scary if you are getting shot at and calling for air support only to be told nothing is coming because even if it didn't burn on takeoff it couldn't find your location or lock up a target to destroy.


Feb 2016: http://www.businessinsider.com/f35-problems-2016


Mar 2016: https://www.rt.com/usa/337121-f35-problems-pentagon-hearing/ and http://fortune.com/2016/03/10/the-f-35-is-still-a-mess/


Apr 2016: https://news.usni.org/2016/04/26/f-35-joint-program-office-working-through-lingering-software-issues


Politics is playing a part here but the big rat in the room is the senior military making sure they have a cushy job to retire to with no thoughts of what their corruption is doing to the folks that aren't in a safe, rear area office.

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Gates cut the F-22 Raptor production at 220 planes to replace the 6000 F-16 fleet. Gates' argument was the F-22 was too expensive. Yes it was $384M a plane for the first order. But the follow on orders would have been in the low $100M range as the development costs have been paid for.


The F-35 will be in the low $100M only after it's development cost is written of so the $110M a plane is BS.


The F-22 was our(is) air superiority plane. The F-35 was to be the lower performance plane that we would sell to our allies.


We do need the VTOL Version of the F-35 to replace the Harriers that we last bought in 1976.


The condition of the F16 fleet is so bad that the Air force is making UAV out them so there is no pilot to die when the fuselage cracks in half from age fatigue.


This is a political screw up, in the Military and the overseeing Government,

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But the committee in so many situations had no real interest in it ever working, only in it making money for them or their interests. They build things that nobody wants for missions that we are never going to see again while things we really need go by the wayside.

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