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RV Peddler in Yuma, AZ. done


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Don't know if any Yuma, or other Arizona snowbirds or anyone else has done business with this outfit lately and also includes the Bakersfield, CA. location. The first couple of weeks in April the lot became empty quick. They were an Artic Fox dealer and consignment operation.


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Very interesting, In October 1999 we ordered our 2000 Residency from the RV Peddler at the Pomona CA RV Show and took delivery in January 2000. No problem back then, wonder if the dealership changed owners over the years...

Jim & Sherry Seward

2000 Residency Mod. 3790

2003 Suzuki XL/7 4WD

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When we were in Yuma in March there was talk of La Mesa RV shutting down the lot there and Encore resorts were offering Passport America discounts. All due to what was described as a huge drop in the number of Snow-birders due t the drop in the Canadian dollar.

The resort we stayed at in Casa Grande was also feeling the effects as several people who normally wintered there from Canada didn't.


2009 Monaco Cayman DP 38'


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Jim Seward, ownership I don't believe changed. But her husband passed away and as far as I know she was running it. Their record over the years wasn't the best. A number of years ago the state of California pulled their sales license for a short time at their Bakersfield outlet. The last number of years they were selling the Artic Fox line and taking consignments. I haven't heard of any trouble from new units. The problem is the units that were there on consignment. Two people in our park ran into problems. A lady in Oregon bought a mini-motor in January and now can't get a title to register it in Oregon. A friend of ours had his unit for sale there on consignment, it was sold, but he didn't get his money. So he hired a lawyer who told him that he had to file a police report, which he did, and report the trailer stolen. He has since gotten his money for the unit. (See edit below, as I just got an email from and the info I had isn't correct). The timing of the whole thing worked in the Peddler's favor since the snowbirds that had purchased units there during snowbird season were now scattered all over the U.S. and Canada.

scouserl141, La Mesa did shut down their lot earlier in March than they usually do. They are a seasonal dealer in Yuma, opening usually sometime in November and closing the end of March. It is funny watching them close as they get all the units in a parade formation in the yard and several days later they are gone like last winters snow.

The email from the friend:

I hope the lawyer can get something accomplished for these people. In my case, my 5th wheel was sold and they kept the money without paying me off with the buyer's funds. The buyer has the trailer evidently and whereabouts at this point are unknown. I still have the title and am the legal owner as far as the law is concerned. What I decided to do is report the trailer stolen to my insurance Company and their investigation is now in progress and should be settled in a few weeks providing they cannot​ locate and redeem it. I also filed a stolen vehicle report with the Yuma police to get a case number for the insurance claim. With a bankruptcy claim very little if any money is ever received. With RV Peddler's amount of fraud I doubt any pay out funds will be available.

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Well "good news" on my friends situation. He has received a check from his insurance company for the missing fiver. Getting the Yuma PD involved with a stolen vehicle report I'm sure helped his situation. Also about two months ago he sent a letter to the Arizona insurance commissioner. The Peddler evidently did a cash deal with who ever bought the fiver and pocketed it. Now if a lady in Oregon that bought a Class C from them can get a title it would be nice. the state allowed her 3- 30 day temps last summer and now it just sits in the yard. You have to wonder how many more folks are involved.

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That isn't the first dealership to go down that way. There was a Tucson dealership that did some of those deals quite a few years ago where the owner and general manager both got jail sentences when it was over. I believe that the owner's name was Kennedy.

Good travelin !...............Kirk

Full-time 11+ years...... Now seasonal travelers.
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