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Options for carrying motorcycle or scooter + bicycles


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I will be picking up my Newmar Dutch Star in mid-June.


I would like to get a motorcycle or scooter in place of a toad. At this time, I don't want to pull a trailer. What options are there to carry a motorcycle and bicycles without a trailer?


Thanks in advance.


D. Jay Newman

A little learning is a dangerous thing.

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All depends what you want to carry/haul. I carry a Honda CRF450X (260lbs) in the front and two mountain bikes on the rear of the MH or on the back of our toad. I installed a standard server in the front and use a motorcycle rack. A bicycle rack in the server on the rear of the MH and the same bicycle rack in the rear of the toad while attaching the toad in the rear server of the MH via tow bar when pulling the toad. I use a barbecue cover over the motorcycle for protection & out of sight out of mind for the public (use lots of cords on the cover to keep it from flapping). Make sure you signal lights are visible and some forward night lights. We don't normally drive at night but our fog/driving lights are below the motorcycle rack for emergency night driving. I do use cable & locks on both for security. Works great! I do use a tie down on each end of the motorcycle rack up and attached to the front bumper to stabilize the rack. I do use a scissor jack under the end of the rack when I load & unload. When they say a rack is rated at 400 lbs, that is 200 on each side of the center. When you roll all 260lbs up on one end you have exceeded the load limit and can bend or crack the center bracing. If necessary or by choice the motorcycle rack can go in the rear and the bicycle rack in the front but can't pull the toad. Get a good quality motorcycle rack. The Harbor Freight rack will work but you will need to reinforce the center braces. Good luck!


rocmoc n AZ/Fld/Baja

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Another way many go, is a combo Truck Toad, and carry the bike in the Truck. (And, many options for truck bed bike carrying. From simple ramps and then strapping them into the bed of the truck. To custom tilt ATV like carriers that make loading a bit easier. Another I've seen recently, was a raised slide out bed tray, that had a pilot to turn the bed into a ramp, and had a crank to assist in raising the bed back up to the flat position. This gent had a tall shell on his bed, so his cycle was protected from the elements while traveling.)


Lots of ways t togo, and as cautioned, do your homework in regards to weights and loads:)!


Best, and enjoy,


Be safe, have fun,


04 CC Allure "RooII" - Our "E" ride for life!

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