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  1. My current Grandfathered plan has 2 phone lines. no changes allowed. If you drop the line and then later want to re add it, you may not be able too.
  2. Since it is a truly unlimited plan, some one working from the road may find it of benefit. The new unlimited plans have caveats and limitations on the term "unlimited" Not having intentions of full timing, it MAY not be that much of a limitation to me, However, the 700 minutes of talk time is becoming one, especially with the egregious rate for going over. About 200 for 2 lines
  3. I use a Bostich CAP1512. 12 amps, small. fairly quiet. Pressure tops out at 150psi, cut in is above 110psi so it keeps putting air in when I need 95 psi for the rear duals. Usually 20-30 seconds per tire of run time tops up a tire.
  4. We still have an old plan and use it, but Verizon has really locked it down. If we go over our allocated 700 minutes of talk time, Its $1.00 a minute!!! (currently fighting that, it was .10 per minute) Also, they will not let us add any more devices, so no Jet pack, tablets etc, just our phones. And the new Note 9 can't even be used as a hotspot no changes to the plan. So the question is, Is there a way to sell the old plan to someone that can use it and we'll just get a fresh one? Or should we just bite the bullet and upgrade to a new limited data "unlimited plan"? I'm thinking with 5G coming, it's not going to make much difference in the near future.
  5. I too have this problem with my Note9. My wifes Note 8 still allows it to be used with PdaNet. The 9 wants a fee. Haven't found a work around yet.
  6. Mr&Mrs Duet

    Enough Power

    We just returned to Alabama from a trip to WA state. Ours is a 35' class A with a 300hp Cat C7. Our traveling weight is about 26K. We took I94/90 going to WA and I84/80 coming back across the rockies. Most of the time we cruised at 63/64mph. in the climbing sections it was 5th gear, approx 2000 rpm and 55mph. One short grade had us at about 50mph in 4th gear for a short section. We didn't have a toad. Next time we are towing the Jeep. I was very happy with our performance. As you can see we were not working the engine hard at all. I'm interested to see what the changes will be with the jeep being towed. What I really liked though, was the Engine brake and retarder on the descents. Nice control.
  7. MKC: Go to the June Fabrics website, there is a new update. Several months ago it didn't work on my wife's Note 8. With the new update it now does.
  8. PDA Net works on the Galaxy Note8 and my understanding is it does not show up as tethered data. Using the new phones with that feature built in do track it. June fabrics recently released an update that works. It has a slightly more convoluted log in. We'll take a look. The one good thing about the GUDPs were the court ruled many years ago that Verizon couldn't restrict how data was used on those. (as long as it was not unlawful use) one of the reasons Verizon is trying to eliminate them and force users to the new, more regulated plans. Does anyone stream the majority of their TV watching? What amount of data does that use per hour?
  9. So if it's USB tethered or running through an external wifi modem it's not detectable? The rep was trying to tell me they throttle the old plans now as well, I hadn't experienced that, but our high traffic rarely exceeds 8gb as we are weekenders, and don't stream television through it. If you stream video through a usb to hdmi or some other physical converter, is it detectable? MKC, Thanks for the info link, I'll check them out.
  10. Is there an advantage to keeping the old grand fathered unlimited data plan vs getting the new 75gb plan? Have any of you upgrade and regretted it? The rep tells me they throttle both of them anyway. We haven't started long term travel yet (it's just around the corner), so we haven't gotten to the limit yet. 2nd question; I have heard of people selling their old unlimited data plans, anybody know how this is accomplished? Thanks for the help Keith
  11. Where did you find that? I'm looking for an upgrade from a Note 2.😃
  12. I've read through several of the Forum topics on extend a stay installations and have a couple questions. My current installation has a 25 gallon tank installed between the frame rails, about the middle of the coach. The fill port is in the right rear compartment. The same panel has an electric switch to activate the remote propane shut off valve. I want to install in that same compartment a line to attach an external tank, as well as a fitting to attach external BBQ grills, etc. I found this diagram for the extend a stay. The questions are: Can I run a permanent line between the fill port on the extend a stay valve and the compartment I want to install it in? Can I run a permanent line between the remote port on the extend a stay valve and the compartment I want to install it in? Are flexible lines acceptable to do that? Will they need to be capped when not in use, or will the valves in the Extend a stay body prevent leaking? Mostly I want the capability to run a BBQ etc from the coach tank as we are still part timers. I figure since I have to break into the line to install an external receptacle, I might as well do it all at once. Anything else I should consider?
  13. Thanks for the replies. After reading the replies I am going to keep the spare and will take it when we go to Alaska. It is unmounted so I can maneuver it around. I may add a jack to the tool bin. Probably carry and never use it LOL. One more question; If I decide it should be a mounted spare, which rim should be the one selected? I assume ( I know, I know) the front tires and inside dual tire can use the same rim, the outside dual is of course a different rim. I'm thinking a front tire compatible would be the most beneficial. Then Murphy can affect the outer tire. I do have a TPMS but I think it has a bad sensor, after I get rolling a while it gives an over pressure warning, but when checked the pressures are within a couple of pounds all around. Thanks again for the advice and experience.
  14. Did some searching here on the forums. The HDT guys did a survey a while back and it looks like the vast majority do not carry a spare. When we bought our MH 16 months ago, it came with a spare (unmounted) that was bought at the same time as the tires mounted on the coach. It takes up a huge space. We took it out and use the space for my wife's mobility scooter. I've read the pros and cons about changing it yourself and quite frankly I'll let the road service do it. Of course with it out, I'll have to buy a new one if we are on the road. Currently we are vacation and weekend users. So the questions are: Can they mount a tire on the road, or is it back to the shop, then back out? Do you carry a spare? Of so, mounted or unmounted? Also we are looking at a trip to Alaska in 2018, what's the thought about carrying it for that trip? Thanks; Keith
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