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Roof membrane protection

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As far as I know, there are two major rubber roof system providers; Dicor and Alpha Systems. Dicor recommends the use of their UV inhibitor/sealer. Alpha says that the only thing needed is periodic washing with a mild detergent. I have no idea what kind of roof is on our 2013 model. I don't believe it's EPDM because the membrane isn't super smooth like other EPDM membranes I've seen used in commercial construction. Any recommendations for making a roof last? Thank you.

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In 2007 Dicor had a rep at a rally and when asked about roof maintenance he said wash it with Dawn dish soap and a soft brush twice a year. Yes, they so sell roof cleaners and sealants but only because other companies were so they wanted to make money on those products also. The rubber roof might last many years but the caulking and tape WILL NOT. Greg

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I didn't use any special products on our Dicor roof when we first started because of what you have already been told. After about 8 years an RV tech suggested that I should use one of the products with a UV protector in them as he believes that it will extend the life of the membrane. Some also say that conditioners will help to lessen the streaking on the sides from rain that comes with older EDPM roofing.

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Clean and treat every 6 months. I do not wash it with Dawn as it will strip the wax on the rig. I use car wash soap and treat it with 303 Aerospace. Been using the stuff on my boat for 15 years.

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treat it with 303 Aerospace.


X2. I'll swear by it. 303 will keep it pliable, cleaner longer, and easier to clean when you do your bi-annual wash.


I have to wonder if the roofing mfg's might have "some" interest in selling replacement roofs (?).

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