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Carefree Vacation'r Screen Room


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We have a 25' TT and would like to expand our living space. Has anyone used an awning add on room to expand their living space like the Carefree Vacation'r Screen Room? How has it worked? What problems can I anticipate?

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First let me say I have no experience with them. However here in Australia they are very very common. (Our rvs are smaller so the extra space outside is important). We've Rved in the USA for over 7 years in total in the passed 20 years and in that time seen almost zero Screen Rooms. It has always intrigued us as to why Americans haven't taken to them to expand their living space. Especially snow birds.

I'll be interested to see what feedback you get.



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We own a Coleman freestanding screen room and have been very pleased with it. Last summer it withstood some pretty strong winds on Prince Edward Island without problems. We did replace the thin metal "tent stakes" with much heavier plastic ones but that was the only modification. The Coleman screen rooms use a unique support system that makes it possible for one person to raise or lower it in less than ~15 minutes.

Sandie & Joel

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I had one on my Coleman Tent Trailer. It was great....but....


They take a bit of time to put up. It was always an adventure when it when it went up once a year during hunting season. Now how does it fit together??


They are LARGE to carry around. That might be an issue if you are limited for space.


Then there is wind.....I had it flattened two or three times. Poles were fixed with duct tape. It does take more than a 20 mph wind to flatten them.


With all that....it was great to cook outside the tent trailer in the add-a-room. We managed to get four dogs, three kids, and four adults into the space for dinner. AND dinner was cooked within its confines. We even brought in some heater buddies and kept in fairly comfortable in late October in eastern Washington.


The tent trailer did come with the add-a-room as a free promotion. It did survive, more or less for 20 years.


I did think about replacing it with a outfitters wall tent like this one.. http://www.gandermountain.com/modperl/product/details.cgi?pdesc=Montana-Canvas-10-Oz-Wall-Tent-18-x-23&i=421058&r=view&cvsfa=2586&cvsfe=2&cvsfhu=343231303538&gclid=CIy6hc3-r8sCFVNqfgodqyYN_Q. BTW they were much, much cheaper twenty years ago!!


You really do not need a physical connection between the trailer and tent. We ended up cooking in the add-a-room and hauling dishes back into the tent trailer. That was it.


So I would look long and hard at getting a separate tent without a floor and see if that would work for you.


BTW....I did spend three months living out of a wall tent in north Idaho working for the Forest Service. They are comfortable, particularly with a nice picnic table and wood stove.



Vladimr Steblina

Retired Forester...exploring the public lands.


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It is nice to have something you can put up over a picnic/outdoor table a little away from the trailer. If you wish you can put it up along side the rig if that is where you need it. I have seen some some both attached and not attached withstand some pretty rough condions if they are anchored properly. I used a free standing cover made with 3/4 electrical conduit and a tarp like you often see at some flea markets. It stood up to some pretty tuff winds but almost got wiped out by a severe hail storm once. I have it anchored to something substantial with either parachute or occaisionally an additon of really strong bungee cord which allowed for some slight movement.

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I was not sure which area to use. :unsure:

No apology is needed. We all had to learn at some time. Most of the subject areas are read by the majority of us who come here so you get good coverage in any of the main forums. There really isn't any right or wrong choice, just use whatever seems to fit best.


We are just happy to have you here with us! :D

Good travelin !...............Kirk

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