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May we please have a "Travel to Alasksa" forum under "RVing forums"?


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Since the folks that could create that forum don't read the forums on a regular basis you need to bring this type of post to their attention, see here:




Since I think this is a good idea I went ahead and reported your post so it will be seen and considered by the forum administrators.


It only takes a second to report something and you are asked for a reason that you are reporting it so take the time to report both posts needing admin attention as well as bad posts.


EDIT: My report



This seems like a good idea, an Alaskan travel forum would be good. If it works out well maybe even add a Canada and Mexico forum?

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I would also like to see the older Alaska 2XXX added - lots of info there too.. Will go to the link you added..

That's a good idea! I don't know if the prior years' Alaska threads can be moved to an Alaska Forum, but if they can, it would be a great resource.

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I don't think the admins would be interested in moving old topics but there are a couple options. Members could put links in the new forum to the old topics so they could be found from the new forums or one of the weekend moderators could ask permission (from the real moderators) to move topics to the new Alaska forum and remove the user posted link post.

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Thanks Stan. I'm proposing that under "RVing Forums" that "Travel to Alaska" be added. If by alpha, it will be next to "Travel".




Might be a good idea to add a new section headed "Travels", like Marketplace and RV Types and move the current Travel and Travel Logs to it and add the new forums Alaska, Canada and Mexico to it.

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Topic for just Alaska would work.. If you have sub topics like..


Road conditions Alaska.

Boon docking Alaska.

Walmart parking Alaska.

RV parks Alaska.

Cell coverage Alaska.

Crossing into Canada to Alaska.

Cruise ship to Alaska

Driving out of Alaska.

Things to do Alaska

Train out of Alaska.

Driving at night Alaska.

Walmart parking.


This thread would be so heavy no one would read 30 pages to find out if Walmart would let you park over night. They would just ask, that's what everyone does.

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