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RV.net vs RVNetwork.com


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So i have to ask.

Originally joined RV.net back in 2003. Got out of RV'ing for quite some time, and just purchased another one recently. So come back here and see the URL is the same, but looks like Camping World/Good Sams Club must have purchased the domain.

Not complaining, but A. when did this happen and B. Did many of the original RV.net members start another RV website? I'm just curious more than anything else.

Also seems like CW has issues with their server.

Is This "rvnetwork.com" a spinoff of the original rv.net forum?

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No, this forum...www.rvnetwork.com...is provided by the Escapees RV Club and has absolutely nothing to do with the Open Roads forum, www.rv.net, and never has.


As far as I know, rv.net has always been affiliated with Good Sam, Camping World, Trailer Life, etc. (all once part of the Affinity Group, although I'm not sure that name survives anymore...haven't really paid attention to the name/ownership changes for the past several years).


You can also get to the Open Road forums through other portals. Here are a couple...there may be others:





Although the URLs are different, they all take you to the very same Open Road forums (although they all seem to be down right now for whatever reason).

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Welcome to the Escapee's RV Club forums! Happy to have you here, even if you came by mistake.

Is This "rvnetwork.com" a spinoff of the original rv.net forum?

This domain has always been registered to the Escapee's RV Club and as stated above it was never any part of the Good Sam organization and it still is not. In some ways it could be considered to be a competitor to the Good Sam Club, but most functions are different and their operation is far different. Escapee's is a privately held corporation that was begun by Kay Peterson and her husband Joe and it remains in the same family with the current CEO being Cathy Carr, the daughter of Joe & Kay. Kay is still living but has retired from any part of the business and two of Cathy's sons are now part of the business, along with a fairly large staff and many volunteers. I suggest that you take the time to explore the Escapees RV Club website to see just what the organization is, since it has very different benefits and operations from that of GS.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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