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I have an HP laptop W7 and use MSE and the free version of Malwarebytes. I update often. I usually access Mal-bytes using desktop short cut. Today I went through the all programs listing and saw a tools access under M-bytes which as I opened I found I have something called Chameleon. I am trying to determine if this is something legitimate.


Side issue I have an optional update that says it is to add capabilities to learn about W10 or start and upgrade to W10. I am NOT going to upgrade this laptop toW10. Do I need install this or can I just hide it? (KB3123862)

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As going with/without upgrade 7 to 10. If you laptop is 4 or more years old i would stay with 7. I have done about 10 upgrades for my customers.

Depending on what programs you have an what you use your laptop for. There are few things that need to be looked at.

Pictures/Documents put on thumb drive, Then do the upgrade. I have seen a few (small amt) of printers that don't function with 10. mostly older one's.


On another note. i did 2 upgrades from a fresh install of 7 then quickly upgraded to 10. No problems what so ever.

Pc booted quick w/10. I also did upgrade on a laptop that was approx 6 yrs old, It only had bare bones in it. Went super fast.

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It is older and pretty beat up by the fat toe snaging cord virus so I have my doubts on how long it will last and I don't do much to nothing with it as I mostly don't know how or need to. One key is completely broken loose. (plus- equal sign key)


I just don't want to be tricked into the autmatic upgrade again. I was fighting it origanally by shutting down each time and eventually found a path to block it and hide it with info from someone here from I think znet or whatever. I think it might have been RV which lets him off the hook for trying to help me repair my 1st laptop's .15cent part. Never help me take something complicated apart.! Thanks again RV. :o:) oh well his heart was in the right place.

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I am waiting to see what the new push really means. I have no pressure for my main 8.1 desktop to be upgraded. However I do want to upgrade it to Win 10 but I am just hanging in here a bit longer to be able to see what MS is actually doing with the new push on users to install it. Since it is asking which ones you want to install still I would just hide it and uncheck it if you are sure. But for now, back everything up just in case and all things go wrong. I have had no issues upgrading 8 of the 9 computers here until I sell all but four.

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