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I have 2008 Volvo D16 with I-Shift.


While driving on the highway, I received a CHECK light with "engine fault." I pulled off of the highway to further investigate and I shut off the engine. When started the engine, the CHECK light was gone.


The engine performed well, as it usually does.


When I got to my destination, one of the forum members helped me out to diagnose this code as a differential pressure fault for the EGR valve. He said that sometimes a sensor line gets plugged with soot and causes the computer to "complain."


The fault code was MID128 PID411 FMI7. The CHECK light came on a second time. And, then it "cleared" itself, as I was driving down the road.


This may or may not be related, but, a couple of days before the CHECK light came on, the Diesel Particulate Filter went into it "cleaning" mode. I stopped it because I was in stop/go traffic and the smoke is cause for concern (lots of smoke) for people adjacent to me.


Upon further research, I discovered that this is a somewhat common problem with the EGR valve and/or the sensor going bad.


Has anyone else "experienced" this problem? If so, how did you fix the problem.


For those of you who have a D16 engine, could you post a photo of the EGR valve? This will help me locate it on my engine and check out the possible plugged line.


I know! I should probably take it to the dealer, but, they have not always done too well at fixing these types of "gremlins," after I give them a pile of $$$.









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A few days ago I posted the engine manuals for Volvo engines. D16 included. Mark put them up on the Guide.

May or may not be a help in understanding the systems. What I find with info like this is even if you can't fix a problem yourself at least you have some knowledge when taking it in for repair. May keep you from getting fleeced.

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If that's right, I'd bet Jim should be looking at the exhaust gas pressure sensor. They have a habit of getting plugged with soot, and then becoming sluggish or ending up with readings that don't make sense. I know you guys have those fancy green engines, but on the ISX it's a 30-second job to unscrew it and take a look. And assuming the Volvo part isn't gold-plated, I'd replace it long before I started messing with the EGR system itself. I seem to remember getting the sensor for $20 or so.

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We got back home, safely, today. The truck ran fine. On the way home, the truck threw the same code again and cleared itself in about an hour. At least it is being consistent. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts. I received some good info and I am confident I can figure this out. I will post more info when I get to the bottom of this gremlin.


I should have bought an older mechanical controlled HDT. LOL. The new green engines have way too many computers/sensors.


BTW - I must have a guardian angel looking out after me. We were in the desert and the night temps were dropping down to 20 degrees. One of our gold prospecting trips took us to a remote mountain area (about 15 miles from camp). We drove a Yamaha Rhino up and down the hills. A couple of times when I pushed on the "go-pedal," The Rhino did not move and then lunched forward with an awful screech. Yesterday, as I was driving up the ramp of the toy hauler, to load up the Rhino, the engine rev'ed but theRhino did not go forward. I had to roll the Rhino down the ramp, back it up and make a "high speed" approach to get up the ramp and then slam on the brakes (dumb and scary) once in the garage. I am guessing the clutch went out on it. I could have been in a world of hurt, if I lost the clutch in the mountains.

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The problem was the EGR pressure sensor. The dealer replaced both the sensor and the connector (due to pin fretting). The dealer installed Volvo's "updated" sensor.


For those of you who want to fix this problem yourself, the sensor is located between the radiator and front of the engine, almost inaccessible.


BTW - The mechanic found another code MID 128 SID 27 FMI 7. Apparently the turbo was NOT working as it should have been. All it needed was a recalibration. On the drive home, I noticed that turbo pressure would rise, as I was driving. I never saw that before.


I never noticed the 16 liter engine lacking in power. But, then my last tow vehicle was a 6.4 F550.

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