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anyone know about Java "scratchpad"?


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I don't have Java on any of my systems and never want for it. The only thing that needed it was our check scanning program from our bank who have since switched to phone only deposits.


Go ahead, uninstall it and then if you ever need it download, use, uninstall.

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Thanks Derek, I'll do that tonight. It's seems strange I've had the Java add-on ever since I installed FireFox and it just a few days ago began the scratchpad pop-up.


UPDATE: I deleted Java from this computer, ran CCleaner to remove left-over files (5), restarted machine. Java scratchpad still pops-up at my first keystroke in this reply box. I ran a search for Java scratchpad in the programs and features of control panel - no results.

I had forgot to delete and re-install the Java add-on in FF, just performed that, now to see it if fixed this issue.

> Nope no joy.

I found how to fix this on the mozilla.org help pages. It said to delete browsing history, saved webpage history, etc. I did, it did. Problem solved. Thanks everyone for your advice and help.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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