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Can a slide problem really be fixed


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Upon a pre-purchase inspection of a used but low mileage 2014 Fleetwood Bounder 33C today I discovered that the large living area slide made a very loud pop when it was retracted. Looking at the bottom exterior of the extended slide I saw a minor indention in the seal at the middle (from front to back). The seller, a small dealer with no service department who took the Bounder on a trade-in told me it was fixable. I will be a full timer using a Bounder for a significant amount of boondocking and am concerned about even a "repaired" slide might be a chronic problem.


Can a slide problem of this nature be reliably fixed? In the event it turned out to be a chronic problem, can anyone assign a cost estimate to a reliable repair?


Thanks for you input,


Robert Guild

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You might hit a larger population of Bounder (Fleetwood) owners by posting under the Fleetwood IRV2 Owners section. Provide the specifics of the coach year and model, and description of the problem. They should be able to tell you if this an ongoing repetitive problem affecting many coaches.




It could be an out of alignment. A damaged slide mechanism. A loose series of bolts. An out of balance condition between hydraulics, if it is hydraulic - or - electric solenoids, if it is all electric. So from not fixable as good as it is, to completely fixable and never worry about it again - depending upon many factors:)!


For sure, I would want it well documented on any sals receipt, whom is responsible for the resolution of the slide repair. If you find it is a chronic problem, keep on looking for a different coach.




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The Dutchman factory service manager told me very few dealership RV technicians really know how to work on or adjust a slide mechanism properly because they seldom get to work on one. Ask questions of whoever you contact.

In your case I would hire a mobile RV tech to inspect the slide sound cause, BEFORE purchase.

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We had an old 5er with slides that operated by turning large threaded rods in a round tube. When the slide wouldn't come in or go out without help I took the tubes apart and cleaned and lubed them. Problem solved. Before that we kept turning up the amp sensors until it just wouldn't do it any longer.

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