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  1. I am a full-timer, having purchased a 2015 Bounder 33C in January of 2016. My immediate problem is that my windshield wipers are not working. With the help of a Ford dealer in Provo, UT, I discovered the fuse is good so I apparently need a new motor. As I said, I am a full-timer on the way to Glacier National Park and Fleetwood customer service can locate no dealer in the Provo/Salt Lake City, Ogden area that can even offer an appointment to see me less than 10 days. Frankly, at this point, I believe Fleetwood should call their "Customer Service" center the "No Customer Service" ce
  2. Thanks so much for your advice. Maybe mine is a pipe dream but here it is. While NPS service would be a means of giving back to preserve nature's wonders for future generations, I am looking for paid work that is in line with my interests and experiences as a solo back country explorer. I have read and been fascinated by the history and pioneers of Jackson Hole and Yellowstone. I have had solo encounters with a bear and their cubs by Amphitheater Lake and a moose and her calf in Cascade Canyon. I've climbed into deep remote canyons and up mountains in Big Bend National Park and read
  3. I just turned 65, retired and am now a full timer, I have a 34' class A gas rig outfitted with solar and cell signal and WiFi boosters for boondocking and a history and love western Wyoming backpacking in the Tetons and Wind River ranges in Wyoming. I would like to find seasonal work in western Wyoming, preferably with the national park service or the forest service. Could you please advise where and how to best find and apply for these jobs?
  4. I recently purchased a 2015 Fleetwood Bounder (34' class A gas coach) and added 960W of solar with 400ah of lithium storage and a cell booster and WiFi booster for remote communications so I can do considerable boondocking in the western US and Canada. I have been down about 100 miles of BLM and forest service roads in the last month and am concerned about wear and tear on the coach caused by the intermittent washboard surfaces and potholes. One trap I constantly fall into is speeding up when the road smooths out only to be going too fast when washboard suddenly reappears. I just got off of
  5. Posting 5 times was not intentional. When I clicked the "Post" icon, the command line displayed "waiting" for several minutes so I assumed the server had locked up and was not posting. I finally went on to other tasks and, when I cam back, I had a "server error" displayed. I apologize for the resulting trash.
  6. This is a follow-up to my question about tow packages that focused on brands and not specifics of the auxiliary braking system. I have read horror stories about both the Blue Ox Patriot, and the Roadmaster InvisiBrake applying the tow car brakes at the wrong time and ruining tires and brakes. I am a novice at this and would much prefer the additional cost of an expert installation to the risk of vehicle damage. I just purchased a Fleetwood Bounder in January and a Jeep Patriot tow car last week and, in about two weeks, will be taking them from Austin, TX to Springfield, OR. My RV dealer
  7. I just purchased the Bounder and the Jeep and need help finding the right tow package. My biggest concern is whether I need an auxiliary brake system for the Jeep, which is about 3200 lbs. Do I need an auxiliary brake system? I was leaning toward Roadmaster's invisibrake but in searching the IRv2 forum saw repeated accounts where a short due to improperly designed wiring cause the tow cars brakes to lock and ruined both tires and breaks on the tow car. I am getting ready to tour the western US and Canada full time and have two decisions to make. Should I select a Roadmaster or a Blue
  8. I wanted to give an update in hopes it might prove valuable. I had insured the motor home with The Hartford though AARP and received a premium about 60% of that quoted by a Good Sam Insurance agent. I thought this might be helpful to share. I have a lease car I am about to turn in insured through Travelers and was quoted a great rate to add the Jeep. However, I decided to add the Jeep to the Hartford coverage even though it was more expensive because, since they are now insuring motor homes, they would be familiar with tow cars. I informed the agent that this would be a tow car an
  9. I just purchased a Fleetwood Bounder last month and, being a newbie, am finding out things I take for granted with a car or not so easy to take care of with a 34' motor coach that is 14' high. I am in Austin, TX but am about to travel full time in the western US and Canada. I'd like to keep my rig clean but finding a place I can fit a 14' high coach into is very difficult. Can anyone share how you find a car wash when you are on the road. Alternatively, should I, perhaps, get a power wash tool and use water at and RV park?
  10. I pick up a new Jeep next week to tow behind my Fleetwood Bounder. I retire next month and am about to become a full timer. I purchased my Bounder last month and have it insured but was planning on carrying the Jeep through my existing insurance carrier. I like the premium but am concerned there might be some exclusion on a standard auto policy for a full time tow car. Can anyone advise on this? Thanks
  11. Thank you all for your advice. It's great to be part of a "fraternity of the road".
  12. I have had my new Fleetwood Bounder gas coach for about two weeks and am a total newbie at how to best accelerate from a stop. In deference to the cars behind me I attempt to get up to speed as quickly as possible but, especially in second gear the engine RPMs get very high before the transmission shifts into third gear. It concerns me that I might be wasting gas and causing undue wear and tear on the engine. Is there a rule of thumb about what maximum RPMs I should accelerate to? If I had this information, I could let the coach accelerate at the rate it was designed for and not be so c
  13. I have owned my new Bounder for 10 days and the most unnerving driving issue I have is glare and window reflections impeding visibility as follows: I was backing my 34' Fleetwood Bounder into a driveway in a tree covered residential neighborhood yesterday afternoon and, with the passenger side window reflecting the image of a car parked across the street on the driver side and a high contrast of light and dark shadows from the afternoon sun and tree cover, it was impossible to see my backward progress into the driveway through either my passenger side mirror or camera. I had to exit the v
  14. Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, Blue Beacon doesn't have a facility in the Austin area. I have searched for truck washes and it looks like I will have travel about 30 miles up IH-35 to Georgetown. I will also contact local RV parks to see if they can direct me to a local establishment.
  15. Thanks to you all. It is critical to me that I get this right so your advice is important to me.
  16. I am in Austin, TX and looking for my first RV wash facility for my new Bounder, which is 12'10" per manufacturer's specs. I just checked out a facility that sells themselves as being able to handle any truck or RV but the fine print says "up to 12' high" Is there a source I can access via internet that will list car/truck washes locations with a high enough clearance. How do full time RVers find a place to wash when they enter a new town. I am about to be a full timer travelling the western US and Canada.
  17. Thanks to both of you for responding. Thank you very much, Stanley, for taking the time to lay this out for me. I will both use your charting method and research the battery capacity meter.
  18. I am an avid backpacker who intends to use my Bounder as a boondocking basecamp from which to do multi-day backpacking trips in the mountains and canyons of the western US. I am looking for a reliable and trustworthy supplier/installer who can help me develop an optimal configuration and complete the install. I have heard good things about AM Solar in Springfield, Oregon but will need o travel from Austin, Texas for the installation. Proper solar configuration and installation is crucial to my backpacking strategy. Can anyone weigh in on their own experiences with AM Solar and any other
  19. I have just purchased a Fleetwood Bounder and and learning how to manage power. During the walk through when I picked the Bounder up at the dealership both the engine and house batteries registered at 16.6 volts. Tech told me that a battery was effectively dead at 12.00 volts. Can someone tell me a threshold battery voltage reading upon which I need to turn off the inverter and/or run the generator in order to avoid draining the batteries? Thanks from a newbie.
  20. I want to provide an update in case this resolution is useful to others. The dealer has agreed that all 4 TVs should have access to the OTA antenna. With the exception of the main TV they do not. When I select "TV" as the input source on the remaining TVs the display blinks "Antenna" before giving me a "No Signal" display. Since the main TV has access to the OTA antenna and because the (Antenna/Cable) selector display light is green, indicating the OTA antenna is selected, this is apparently a punch list item for the dealer to resolve. With respect my not getting power to the TV's
  21. Thanks for your help and advice. I am in communication with the sales rep in Boerne who has promised to get back with me after obtaining answers to several additional questions. Your input is invaluable so that I can respond if I get an erroneous response.
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