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License plates for UTV


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We are Arkansas residents and don't want to move. However, we have a DRV and plan to attach the Idaho Tote to carry our Intimidator UTV. Arkansas does not license UTV's like a lot of western states. We plant to spend a lot of time out west and want to license the UTV to get around. While in Wyoming and Montana saw a lot of side by side UTV Honda, Polaris, and Kawasaki's with plates running around to the grocery store, trail riding, etc..


Anyone know of a way to plate our UTV in one of the states that do so without establishing residency? Or, is it possible to set up another residence in South Dakota like folks do to license vehicles and RV's? Your thoughts and suggestions appreciated.


BTW, Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

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Earlier this year I spoke with a Fla resident who had a UTV plated in MT. I asked him about it. He said he stays at an RV park in MT for a few months each year and used that address for the UTV plate. No MT LLC, no change to his residency, no change to his dr license. Is it 100% legal? I don't know.


Does Ark allow you to drive UTVs on the street? If so, why bother with a plate? There should be reciprocity. If all else fails, ask a DMV in one of the western states.

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Legally speaking, you are supposed to license vehicles in the state where they are "garaged" meaning the place where they are kept when not being driven or used. I don't know of any state where it is not a requirement to have an address in that state to register and insure vehicles there. It is true that people do get by doing things not really legal, such as registering to an address that is temporary and not your own and may never get caught. Knowing if you will ever be caught and what might happen if you are is purely speculation.


EDIT: I just found the laws and AK does not have any provision for licensing them..... That does leave you in a position to almost be forced to work around the laws of the home state if you want to be legal...... :huh:


* June 12, 2012. ***

Title 27 Transportation
Subtitle 2. Motor Vehicle Registration And Licensing
Chapter 21 All-Terrain Vehicles

A.C.A. § 27-21-106 (2012)

27-21-106. Operation on public streets and highways unlawful -- Exceptions.

(a) It is unlawful for any person to operate an all-terrain vehicle on the public streets and highways of this state, even if the vehicle otherwise meets the equipment standards of § 27-20-104, except under the following conditions and circumstances:

(1) A person may operate an all-terrain vehicle on the public streets and highways if the vehicle is:

(A) Used in farming or hunting operations; and

(b Operated on the public streets and highways in order to get from one (1) field to another;

(2) (A) An all-terrain vehicle may be operated upon the public streets or highways if the:

(i) Vehicle needs to make a direct crossing of the street or highway to get from one (1) area to another; and

(ii) Vehicle:

(a) Comes to a complete stop;

(b Yields the right-of-way to all oncoming traffic that constitutes an immediate hazard; and

© Crosses the street or highway at an angle of approximately ninety degrees (90 degrees) to the direction of the street or highway.

(b (i) In crossing divided highways, the crossing may be made only at an intersection of the highway with another public street or highway.

(ii) In crossings made between the hours from one-half (1/2) hour after sunset to one-half (1/2) hour before sunrise or in conditions of reduced visibility, the crossing may be made only with both front and rear lights turned on;

(3) (A) A person who has lost one (1) or both legs above the ankle or who otherwise has a serious walking handicap shall be permitted to operate a three-wheeled, four-wheeled, or six-wheeled all-terrain vehicle as a means of transportation on any of the following:

(i) A nonhard surfaced road;

(ii) The shoulders of all state and federal highways, except as provided under subdivision (a)(3)(E) of this section; or

(iii) Public streets and roads when traveling on the public street or road is the most reasonable route of access available to him or her from one (1) off-road trail to another off-road trail or from his or her private property to an off-road trail. ( b An all-terrain vehicle used as provided under subdivision (a)(3)(A) of this section by a person who has a serious walking handicap shall be equipped with a red flag at least six inches (6'') wide and twelve inches (12'') long on a pole or staff extending at least thirty-six inches (36'') above the level of the seat.

© For the purposes of this subdivision (a)(3), "serious walking handicap" means any walking handicap certified as serious by a licensed physician.

(D) A person operating an all-terrain vehicle as provided under subdivision (a)(3)(A) of this section shall carry on his or her person or on the vehicle the physician's certificate certifying that the person has a serious walking handicap.

(E) A person operating an all-terrain vehicle as provided under subdivision (a)(3)(A) of this section shall not operate the all-terrain vehicle on any part of the federal interstate highway system or on fully-controlled access highways;

(4) An on-duty law enforcement officer or a person performing an official law enforcement function may operate an all-terrain vehicle on public streets and highways; and

(5) An employee of a utility, telecommunications, or cable company working during a time of emergency or severe weather may operate an all-terrain vehicle on public streets and highways.

( b When two (2) or more all-terrain vehicles are operating together on a public street or highway as permitted in limited circumstances in this chapter, the vehicles shall be operated in single file except while overtaking another vehicle. The operator of an all-terrain vehicle overtaking another vehicle proceeding in the same direction shall pass at a safe distance to the left until safely clear of the overtaken vehicle. Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to prohibit an operator from overtaking and passing upon the right another vehicle which is making or about to make a left turn if the overtaking and passing is accomplished in accordance with Arkansas law.

HISTORY: Acts 1987, No. 804, § 3; 1987, No. 1029, §§ 1, 2; 2007, No. 305, § 10; 2009, No. 701, § 1; 2011, No. 13, § 1; 2011, No. 704, § 1.

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Before full timing I had an Illinois address. I purchased a vehicle in Texas with a Texas title, plates and insurance using my Illinois address on all documentation, including the title. When we switched to Texas domicile I changed the title to a Texas address. When I was not in Texas the vehicle was in storage in Texas.

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Kirk you see the situation in Arkansas. I have spoken to Lt. Gov. Griffin and Gov. Hutchinson about it, they were open to the idea but have not moved to change the law. Trying to get the legislature to change the law you just posted have been circulating a petition to get the public involved. There are a couple of of folks that have the Disabled Plates on their UTV's due to their disabilities.


I think I will try the Montana thing remoandiris mentioned. Shouldn't be a problem if I don't do something stupid and draw attention to myself. Thanks for your comments folks. Maybe some other Escapees will have time to weigh in on this issue.

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Thanks Dick 641. In your research have you found you can operate on most roads with the Idaho tags in other states? I also found a great web site DMV.org that has all the states listed and procedures to license and get permits for off road use. Sounds like Idaho may be a good starting place. I also checked Wyoming since we will be spending a lot of time there and in Arizona and Colorado. Will call them Monday to get the out of state info.

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The last time I checked Colorado required all ATV/UTV's to carry a Colorado tag. They don't honor plates or tags from other states. I think Utah is the same. There are a few counties in Colorado that allow use on county roads. However, it is difficult at times to know which roads are county and which are state. For the most part these vehicles are not allowed on Colorado roads. We have a RZR and sure wish the law was different.

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South Dakota offers a legal path for NON-RESIDENTS to obtain plates for ATV's and UTV's. This can all be done through the mail and renewals are also done via the mail.


You can do this by contacting any South Dakota County Treasurer. I chose Union county in South Dakota because it was the nearest to where I live in case I needed to make an appearance in person - which I DID NOT need to do. Again, all done through the mail.


I e-mailed Union County at uctreas2@iw.net with my request and here is the e-mail I got back about the procedure to register and get my South Dakota plates:


- - - >

Attached are 3 forms needed to apply for license plates on your ATV. Please feel free to call 605-356-2391 with questions.


1. State of SD Application for Motor Vehicle Title Section III. Fill in names & SS # of EVERY person listed on your title as owner. Fill in address, VIN # & all vehicle info in section IV. Sign & Date at the bottom.


2. Affadavit. Fill in the bottom affidavit ONLY (Interstate Title -Non Negotiable) with year, make Serial #. This form must be SIGNED and notarized.


3, Four Wheel All Terrain Vehicle Affadavit: Again, fill in Make, Model, VIN & write in WHO installed the accessories to make the ATV Street Legal. It must have Mirror, Horn, Exhaust, Headlights, Lic Plate light, lights & be at least 200 cc. This form must ALSO be signed & Notarized.

Mail all three completed forms ALONG WITH a COPY of your title & COPIES of Drivers License of each person listed as an owner on the title. Include your phone # so we can call you if we have questions.


As far as costs; I estimate your fees to be $60 to $70 which includes mailing your plate. You can either enclose a check (we will refund any overpayment) or we will call you for a credit card once we have all the paperwork. IT IS EASIEST to come up to our office with your title & photo ID's & we will do all the paperwork & notarizing for you. Once you are "in the system" renewal of you plate license each year is easily accomplished by mail.

- - - >


I filled out the forms, had them notarized, and mailed them to Union County with a check. I got my plates in the mail about a week later.


We have used the South Dakota plates to ride on the roads legally in Colorado (Lake City, Silverton, & Meeker), Wyoming (Big Horn National Forest), and South Dakota (Black Hills). Let me know if you have any questions!

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There are a few states that will license some out of state off road vehicles that meet specific requirements. Keep in mind they are primarily licensing it for use within that state, under the rules of that state. There is very little reciprocity among states for off road vehicle plates. A few states allow it, most do not, and a few leave it up to each individual county to designate specific roads that allow it. So just because you may get an ID or SD license plate on an off road vehicle, don't assume that makes it legal for street use in all other states. You still must check with the authorities in each state/county to see if its legal, or face some stiff fines for finding out the hard way. You also would have to comply with the states minimum insurance requirements for street use. Lake City Co for example has some specific insurance requirements before they allow you on their streets.

Even some of the states that require ATV/UTV titling/registration/pates, still prohibit their use on any public roads, except to cross from one side to the other. (California)

ATV/UTV is not one of the vehicle classes that the Federal Regulations guarantee reciprocity to between states. The Feds consider them prohibited from public roads, but leave the opening for individual states to address them differently within their own state on state or local roads.

In some places its just a matter of local authorities overlooking/ignoring the state laws. For example, Wy vehicle code laws clearly state:

•ATV use on public streets and highways is prohibited, except to cross these roads and except for agricultural use outside city limits.



""Anyone know of a way to plate our UTV in one of the states that do so without establishing residency? Or, is it possible to set up another residence in South Dakota like folks do to license vehicles and RV's? Your thoughts and suggestions appreciated.""

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