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speedco on I-10 going into Houston


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Under no circumstances should you rely on the results from a "tabletop" oil analysis machine. The Speedco locations that still have them don't use them much, most of them have been removed. Nothing against Speedco, there are other quicky oil change joints that use them.

1. No real good mechanism in the machine to clean the machine between samples, resulting in cross contamination

2. The employees at Speedco simply cannot be trusted to get a clean sample without contamination.

3. The same employees haven't a clue about proper operation or maintenance. They can barely change the oil and filter without damaging something.


I have been using oil analysis on and off for 35 years. If I had paid any attention to the "free" analysis I was given by a couple of Speedco like places I would have torn down the engine 2 or 3 times for absolutely no reason.

The only real value an oil analysis has is if several are taken from the same engine over several oil changes, with at least 10k on the oil each time. Send it off to a laboratory that is specific for the purpose. Detroit Diesel engine dealers have the kits for $15 each. A lot of larger oil/lubrication suppliers also have them, but usually require a bulk(case ) purchase.

Used truck purchase is always a total crapshoot. Buy it cheap enough to pay for the defects you find out about after you start driving it.

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I can't take time off to get dyno. I tempted to get it and just roll with it. What you think of buying a year long warranty. I would know by then. Am I crazy? I can't just take a week off. Yes off for holiday but so are business.

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Glenn, do you have any friends/associates you could pay/bribe/barter to get the dyno done for you? I realize you're in a tight situation with work (we've heard it thousands of times), but I'd encourage you to get creative so you can get the right truck, rather than just a truck.

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I can't take time off to get dyno. I tempted to get it and just roll with it. What you think of buying a year long warranty. I would know by then. Am I crazy? I can't just take a week off. Yes off for holiday but so are business.




Not sure if you are presently crazy........IF......you purchase a HDT it might be to your advantage to consider becoming somewhat crazy since you are purchasing a commercial-grade-machine for........private use.


At the end of the day......you can dyno a truck until the tires melt (or your credit card melts) and you can oil sample it until it is out of oil.....but these tests are just a small part of the overall........evolving....story that makes up HDT ownership.


What does a dyno-run provide......mostly provides a clue to the engine power available during the test compared to the advertised power of the engine when NEW. Modern diesel engines can output a LOT of power even when near needing a overhaul......electronic injection and BIG turbos are the "Diese;-Viagra" for worn engines.....


Oil analysis is intended to be a "History-Making-Tool" not a clear snap-shot of the current condition of the machine. IF the engine is in the FINAL stages of critical failure you might get lucky and see MASSIVE levels of what-ever that could tell you that the end is near.......but.....the truth is that one-sample-oil-analysis is about as informative as picking up a copy of the novel War and Peace and just reading page 462 and then trying to estimate what the entire story is about.........not going to happen......


Jeff tells you that it is a........crap-shoot.....AND this is coming from a chap that has +1 , 6 X X, X X X miles on a HDT that he bought NEW!!


If Jeff can NOT foretell the future needs of a HDT that he has nurtured since mile # 1..... take his word that life in the truck lane is just another chapter in ........life.......


Often LIFE boils down to ....comfort-level.....or....lack-of-comfort......You seem UN-confortable with your present tow-rig so......you seem to be planning to sell it and try....something different.....maybe a HDT........SO.......what-IF.......you sell your dually and get a HDT........and you like the HDT......keep the HDT........IF you decide you do NOT like the HDT........just sell it (just like you did the dually).......


Just like Jeff said..........HDT is a "crap-shoot"..........you can decide to NOT play.......or roll the dice......


Drive on............(Crap-shoot......is life)

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Wise man well versed in the world of dynos used to tune race machines told me sure dyno is a great snapshot but really not a fortune teller


He jumped In my truck we were testing to purchase and used the right foot and seat dyno. Tested everything on that truck.


Strong and solid. Good stopping and gears. Also spent 3 hrs crawling all over and under the truck. Small punch list for dealer that they fixed as part of the offer. Stuck to higher cost and time consuming items so not to get bogged down with nit picky things. Nothing was really huge or we would have passed.


Bought it.


9 yrs later 790k on truck 60k by me still as good as day we drove it.


Your experience may differ. ?

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