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Ok, so I got a 30' TT that I pull with a 1/2 Chevy. I really like the camper. But, I think I'd like the convenience of a Class C even better. I've got a Wrangler that would work well for a toad, so destination travel is moot. However, I really don't like the sway factor between me and semi's on the open road. I've got several dealers available to me, but I don't think there's even one of them that would allow a 100 mile test drive.


The question, are Class Cs as susceptible to buffeting as TT's.


(ps - I currently use the dual cam anti-sway system)

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Many larger Class C RVs (28' and longer) need suspension work in order to make them more drivable. Typically this will include heavier shock absorbers, heavier anti-roll bars and air springs. A 30' box strapped on the back of the E450 chassis is just too much for the Ford suspension.


As for your current set up, my personal feeling is that a 30' travel trailer is too much for a 1/2 ton truck. A 3/4 ton truck would probably do better.




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We had a 29' Class C. Yes, there was a push when semis went by - took a few times to know how much pressure to apply to steering wheel to negate the push. Never had a real problem and never felt the car behind us. Remember, a towed car tracks right behind you and doesn't wag you, unlike a trailer. We didn't need any extra suspension on ours. Did several long trips in it. Great for 2 weeks or so, but definitely not for fulltiming!



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Thanks guys. Now for some serious thinking. Do I want to sink that much into something that will still roll a little going down the road. The wife and brother in law say they can't feel it, so maybe I'm just being a nervous Nellie.

Anyways - thanks for the input.

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At one time I pulled a 27' trailer behind a 1/2 ton Suburban. Changing the tire from p-metric to LT in the same size made a major reduction in the wiggle effect. There is a noticeable difference in sidewall stiffness between p-metric (passenger tires really) and light truck tires.

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We have a rig that is only 23.5' long so not a fair comparison to a 30', and the Lazy Daze has a somewhat lower profile than many Class C rigs, but I rarely notice any significant push or pull from a passing semi. Maybe one in a 100 passing semis has a noticeable effect that I have to correct for. I'm not sure whether that exception is the result of the semi passing too close, or perhaps the semi interrupting with a cross wind that I've been adjusting for.

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Another consideration would be to look at the Super Cs - built on a real "over the road" truck chassis, usually with diesel engines. I have a Jayco Embark on a Freightliner chassis and passing semis don't give me any problems at all - very solid handling.

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Our Class C is 29' in length. The *only* thing we've added to it is a Safe-T-Plus steering control bar. It helps when driving on roads with ruts from the semis, during side winds, and when semis pass.

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