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Weather Radio in Houston)


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We have a strange problem. Our weather radio works great across the country until we get to Houston. We thought it was due to the location of the campground(lots of wires and a switch yard). We are now in a different campground south of Houston and it still doesn't work. Any ideas as to why?

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RE: Any ideas as to why? OK, I'll bite: maybe it does not speak Texan ?!

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So, given the two modes:

1. on-standby, waiting for the alert signals (and checking SAME code if you have limited it to one or a few), and

2. listening-in, putting on the speaker anything the radio catches.


Is the problem happening in both modes ?


Can you switch to (or step through) the frequencies -- listening to each one to determine best sound/reception ?

If so, do you get static on some, garbled/hard-to-hear/understand on a couple [and ideally a final alternative being a good signal - which you are not hearing] ?


I would start by clearing all the SAME codes, changing the setting (if there is an additional choice) to "All Codes" ;

then step through the frequencies to find a "best" one.


Next, I would be certain that the radio was not being "boxed in" by the RV -- trying it outside if possible.

( This could be done in conjunction with taking a transistor radio outside to verify general radio reception. )

( The built-in radio in the RV probably has an external antenna. )


Since I do not use the television bat-wing antenna, I have made it be the external antenna for my weather radio; sometimes I need to elevate it a foot or so for good reception.

( The Midland WR-300 has both an external antenna connection, and the ability to be run directly from the RV 12-volt system. )

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It just seems strange that it works in the rest of the country in the rig, just not Houston. We are using our phones right now and have the alerts turned on. Usually for overnight we just use the weather radio. We have looked up the frequency and the SAME code, neither have helped.


I guess it is one of the oddities of life.

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