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A cheapy? How 'bout free?


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Friends of mine are NON-RV'ers....... But, they've seen me operate and do have an appreciation for creature comforts vs the thing know as a "tent".


Their neighbors have had a class A sitting in the yard for years. (the model eludes me)... My friends always said they would like to get it cheap. I have discouraged them, for if you aren't a half Kirk/Oscar and own a multimeter and know how to use it, not to mention all the other things it takes to keep an old MH afloat, you really shouldn't.


Aaaah, the neighbors gave it to them for free. Apparently the brakes go right to the floor, but that's going to get fixed at my bud's local mechanic on monday. I am now heading over there with a multimeter to see if, and how well, the systems are, or aren't operating.....


Wish me luck.

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The roof was marginal. The interior was trashed....seriously. The generator was missing, just cut off tubes and wires. The whole thing has been repainted with a brush. Someone did a LOT of 120V creative wiring using (the wrong) Home Depot stuff..... The propane tank was heavily corroded. The back of the fridge would keep an entomologist entertained for years..... Tires were dry rotted, the brakes non existing. Didn't even bother to try and start it. It was abandoned in July...... bet it wasn't winterized......


You get the idea.

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