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I Phone and Laptop USB


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This IS RV related, I'm in the RV on a road trip using my laptop to work with RV and road trip pictures...


It worked the other day but NOT NOW. Wife plugs apple furnished cord into her I Phone 6 and other USB end into my laptops USB Port. The other day computer instantly recognized it (soon as cord plugged into USB Port) as Apple storage device then we went to DCIM pictures and copied her I Phone pics into computer. HOWEVER today no matter how many times I boot and re boot or plug and unplug and re plug USB and she has her phone off or on or in pics or anywhere MY LAPTOP DOES NOT SEE OR RECOGNIZE OR ACKNOWELEDGE ANYTHING WAS PLUGGED INTO THE USB EVEN THOUGH IT DID YESTERDAY. Its not recognizing anything is plugged in grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is it my computer problem or a setting on her I Phone?????????


John T

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Try this:


Connect your iPhone to Computer using data cable that comes with your iPhone.



When you connect your iPhone to computer.

Option 1: You may see an autoplay window, click on Import pictures and videos

– OR –

Option 2: Click on Start button > Computer

See the Portable Devices section, right click on your iPhone icon and click Import pictures and videos option



Enter tag name to tag these pictures (optional) and click Import button


this will start importing pictures form iPhone to computer. You can check the Erase after importing check box if you don’t need picture in your iPhone after importing in your computer


Finally you can see pictures are transferred to My Pictures folder. To Access these pictures click on Start button > UserName Folder (e.g. administrator) > My Pictures Folder



Oh, and you should update to Windows 10 as soon as practicable (or better yet get a Mac :rolleyes: )

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THANKS ALL heres an update:


So, I tried a Apple phone to USB cable I bought off flea bay for like 99 cents AND IT WORKED. The phone popped up a warning message saying something like "this is NOT an Apple approved cable and you may get AIDS and E bola if you use it" (perhaps I embellished), but it can be ignored AND IT WORKED the computer instantly recognized it as APPLE and I got the pictures off her phone onto my computer.


Oh well so much for original Apple furnished cable


John T

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Try a different USB port. You can also try deleting the device and from device manager and scan again. Many times either of these processes correct for a PC not recognizing a USB storage device that has worked in the past. Also make sure to eject the device before unplugging, this seems to help keep this from happening.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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