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  1. While we are blessed with being Federal Retirees and have 'portable' health care, we realize that a lot of our fulltime brothers and sisters are not so fortunate Just saw this In the new Escapees newsletter and wanted to make sure the word got out so you can see if it will work for you! health Care.pdf
  2. Great seeing all the new members of the Class of '17! As some of you know we graduated early, so we are celebrating our anniversary this week! You can read about it here: https://williamsrvadventures.blogspot.com/
  3. OK thanks! Odd though - I thought Wholesale Warranty's plan offr=ered Roadside Assistance?
  4. CONGRATULATIONS!! I hope all turns out well for you an that we can meet you two on the road - we are up to Alaska next year
  5. But you can't do it after you submit a post!
  6. Thanks Kirk! \WOW that is a GREAT article you wrote my friend! Also, it looks like you were in a similar situation as are we: Going Fulltime and 401(K)s not accessible, so the replacement of a major component of the motorhome would be a financial disaster! Your well written article has convinced us that "RV Health Insurance" (what a cleaver analogy Kirk!) is the way to go as full-timers (the one we are looking at will even pay $150/day per-diem if we are deprived of the coach while in for repair) FYI, (and others reading this post) The policy we are looking at is an "Exclusionary" one - meaning if the policy does not specifically exclude an item, it is covered. This policy covers everything except wear and tear items (like a serpentine or tire) but, if in the process of failing, the serpentine causes, say, the water & power steering pumps to seize and fail, then the warranty covers the parts and labor to replace those components, but not the part & labor to replace the serpentine. OK, that seems fair and reasonable. For anyone else looking into a Extended Warranty, it seems that Wholesale Warranty (https://www.wholesalewarranties.com/vpp-maximum-exclusionary-coverage/#exclusivebenefits) has a very good policy. It is by no means cheap, but it darn near covers everything - and what it does not cover (e.g. Hail Damage or natural disaster) your Motorhome insurance should cover. It even covers up to $200 per service call for a mobile repair technician (not the labor and repair of the problem, but the "service call fee"). Considering the mobile techs around here charge $100.00 a call, this is a very nice benefit and, keeps you from having to go to a RV dealer. They seem to have good reviews as well: https://www.customerlobby.com/reviews/10033/wholesalewarrantiescom Still, it would be nice to have a "real Person" from the forum who has had experience with this company post a "review" One question: Their max payment for towing is $750.00 while that seems like a lot, I have no idea what it costs for a tow job for a Tag Axel Class A! Any ideas out there?
  7. We are considering getting a extended warranty since we will be doing extensive traveling across the USA & Canada over the next 3-5 years. We are looking at Wholesale Warranty as a good candidate (since they are apparently 'endorsed' by both FMCA and Escapees). Anyone have any experience with them? Especially in the area of claims and roadside assistance. Appreciate any and all input!
  8. Only 40'? How DO you Manage? (We are 45')
  9. You *Could* rebuild it but better yet, just buy a new ShurFlo pump on Amazon - the one we have in our Coach puts out 55PSI for a VERY Satisfying shower when we are not on city water https://www.amazon.com/SHURFLO-4048-153-E75-Multi-Fixture-Automatic-Demand/dp/B00O9VF8NK/ref=pd_sbs_263_6?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00O9VF8NK&pd_rd_r=FNEE9795T7SXGHAWJWMN&pd_rd_w=f44qi&pd_rd_wg=TvWO0&psc=1&refRID=FNEE9795T7SXGHAWJWMN Replace it with a Convection/Microwave and tear out the propane stove and convert to a pots/pans storage drawer - the DW will love you for it (and you will have a oven that actually WORKS LOL) Oh yeah...and getting rid of the propane stove is one less fire hazard appliance in your coach! (Propane appliances are the #1 cause of RV Fires) Or... a top opening cat box (that is dog proof) that, when parked, goes conveniently under the steering wheel in the driver's side of the cockpit https://www.amazon.com/Petmate-Top-Entry-Litter-Pan/dp/B00KVL30NC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1496673096&sr=8-1&keywords=top+opening+cat+box Good luck with this one This was the #1 thing I wanted to do on our coach and I have found out that unless you are lucky to have a frame that will fit a new door that comes pre-installed with a keyless lock, you will be out of luck finding a keyless lock that will fit your door. Sorry/
  10. First, congrats on the New Tiffin Doc & Erin!! - nice rig and the folks at Red Bay are good people, and have a fairly large campground - as you travel, you might want to stop and say hi to the folks that built your coach! Camping... Some of the cost cutting things you may want to consider is Workamping, camp hosting, Amazon Camping (if you want some extra income working at one of the Amazon distro facilities). Any of these activities can drastically cut your camping expenses (since they usually provide a free site in exchange for your time) Another thought that has a up front expense is a campground membership. We have several friends that have the Thousand Trails premium membership and they camp for free at Thousand Trails campgrounds all over the USA (these memberships are not cheap though once you have them they usually pay for themselves in a year or two) Passport America - if you are not a member, buy a year and see how it works for you - it worked so well for us that we are lifetime members - and the lifetime membership cost paid for itself ini a year! Good Sams - same thing - 10% discounts at thousands (yes, really) of campgrounds in the US & Canada Escapees - same thing here good discounts at a lot of campgrounds. Health Insurance... A lot of folks Domicile in FL because of the health insurance. That is about all we know though (We are Army retirees so this is not a concern for us) Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than us will chime in! Mail Forwarding Service... All the major RV clubs offer a discount on various mail forwarding services (FMCA, Escapees, Good Sam). For us, however, since we are going to domicile in FL, St. Brendon's Isle was the service we chose: [https://www.sbimailservice.com/] The tipping point for us was the Mail Scan Pro feature. It makes the service a tad pricey (our plan is $25/month) but it lets me log on to their site and see the envelope of every piece of mail we receive. Better yet, if a piece of mail comes in that I absolutely need NOW, I pay a small fee and they will scan the contents and it will be available as a PDF for me to download within 24 hours. If you don't need that high tech feature, mail forwarding typically costs under $12/month. (Fun Factoid about their choice of names for their company: St. Brendon's Isle is a mythical island, supposedly situated in the North Atlantic somewhere west of Northern Africa) Diesel... Consider getting a Pilot Flying J Credit card. You get discounted fuel at these facilities when you use the card. Get the GassBuddy app for your smartphone. A lot of folks do not realize this, but GasBuddy also tracks Diesel prices as well! With that big tank on your Phaeton, this should give you refueling options (We have a mantra we have used for years: "Half is Empty" i.e., when we are at 1/2 tank we start shopping for Diesel! Any other questions? Ask away!
  11. Congratulations Kathie and Tom!!!
  12. AH! OK That makes sense now! Was not thinking of a used RV - now I understand completely -- thanks for the education DunellenGuy! Oh...and CONGRATULATIONS on your impending retirement!! Ya got us beat by a few months
  13. Since when do you need to get a RV inspected for a Extended Warranty? I just called Coach Net and they quoted me a price. ?
  14. Congratulations on your graduation Kathie & Tom! We retire this DEC, and will be traveling to Alaska next year. We found out as we researched our trip, that campgrounds in very desirable places fill up quickly - sometimes a year in advance! So, you might want to consider (as we did) looking into long-range reservations to places you really want to visit. Especially in the Maritimes and popular destinations in the USA. For instance, if you are considering visiting the Florida Keys in Jan, 2018, you are probably too late-already booked! Same for a lot of the campgrounds on the Alaska Highway & on a lot of the popular routes through the Maritimes: reservations for this summer were made by a lot of travelers *last* summer! Not dissuading a go-with-the-flow, no agenda travel plan (we are doing this as well!!) Just suggesting that if a place you want to visit is a popular destination, you may want to consider making advance reservations and use that date range as a anchor around the rest of your footloose and fancy free travels
  15. I am doing that right now with my agent -- when I get the results in I will let the group know. I am really hoping that the numbers favor FL for a number of reasons, foremost of which is we currently live in AL and will be heading to FL in early JAN 2018 for several weeks so easy-peasy SBI's address (Green Cove Springs, FL 32043) address is supposed to be a "rural" address and they tout that this address has "the lowest insurance costs in FL." Will that offset SD vehicle registration for a big rig? I don't know, but I am a Operations Researcher and will run the numbers and let y'all know SBI Mail forwarding is slightly more expensive than FMCA's SD Post but, again, just another domicile variable in the calculus. Some have said that we are overcomplicating things - Mea Culpa! As I said, I am a research scientist, terribly anal, and like to know "what the data says" Hopefully when I retire in DEC, I can hit the 'flush' button and get this trait out of my system!
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