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Doing some research for a 4 corner brake job...

Any idea what brand would be on a '98 Volvo? Bendix, Meritor?

Average cost from drums, shoes, S-cam, slack adjusters, and air chambers front and rear?


This all goes back to not knowing when the last brake job was done.

Looking at the shoes there is plenty of pad on them, but the actual condition is unknown unless I pull a wheel and drum off.


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Had the job done in 2009, all kinds of things on the front end.











Job was done at an independent (not a Volvo dealer) It was around $1,500 including the king pins rework. They had a bitch of the time finding the drums, turned out that if you don't use Volvo drums you can substitute with Mack drums and save $100 bucks each, different part number same friggin drum. Meat on pads not always a good indicator, mine had plenty of meat but were cracked. Air chambers are a pretty common part, not sure you must have a Volvo part.

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I would guess Q+ cast, but I don't have much basis except for reading and various pics from time to time around here. But here is how to ID:










Slacks you probably already know what you've got from your daily pretrip, but most all of them need a reshimming when new camshafts and bushings go in. That takes a dial indicator so your status of that tool probably depends on whether you DIY it or not. Chambers just depend on whether you've got square ports or not and the number size stamped on the clamp ring. Volvo parts would have the clevis welded on already so you can't mess it up and/or save you a bunch of time. It is pretty critical if you have Meritor slacks but you also get all the templates you need to do it in the new slack box anyhow.

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