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Inverter Charger Install


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Going to start accumulating parts and working on a plan for installing my Magnum MS-2012 inverter/charger soon, but have not seen much talk or pics of installs on here. Mostly concerned with getting battery cables from the bank/box to the sleeper and with the air ride's flex what is the best solution. Through the floor bulkheads?


I'm planning to just run off the trucks starting bank of 3 group 31's or appox. 300Ah (might add a 4th battery) as I don't plan to really camp much in the sleeper or have many loads other than a refer. This truck's alternator is quite small at 105A so it won't recover all that fast.....May have to step up to a 200A replacement and/or get some solar on the roof. Have been looking at the flexible panels of 60-120 watts and bonding them to the roof for a clean aerodynamic look although they aren't the cheapest or most efficient options. I do plan to have my Honda 3000is mounted on board someday.... Also wondering what kind of nightmare the panel mounting will cause when I decide to paint the truck......


The previous owner started the electrical system, but will likely scrap most of it other than the 2 breaker load center and 30a twist-lock at the rear of the cab. I'm also thinking about running a circuit to one of the toolboxes for cordless tool charging and other stuff.

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Bring your cables (both + and -) off of the batteries with an in-line disaster fuse. Go through the floor with insulated bulkhead fittings and leave adequate slack so that the cab movement does not pull the outside cables tight. #0 copper welding cable is made of fine strands and thus will not be harmed by movement of the cab. Keep in mind the group 31 batteries in your truck are designed for starting (thin plates, high initial current) and not sustained deep discharge. You might want to consider a second battery bank consisting of series connected 6V golf cart batteries. Sounds like you have a good plan going.

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I tried running my Magnum 2012 off the truck battery bank (3 batteries) to power a small dorm style fridge. I made it about half an hour into a trip before my truck DID started throwing low voltage codes. I turned the inverter off and the codes went away. I ultimately added a separate battery bank of AGM batteries under the couch in the sleeper to power the inverter.

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Thanks guys! The pass through bulkhead fittings are what I had envisioned as the safest and cleanest way. I had originally planned a separate bank of batteries, but would prefer not if I can avoid it. Less stuff to buy and maintain the better these days.....If I can't have popcorn and leftovers while on the road without more batteries, guess it's more batteries!


I have been using one of those cheesy Coleman 12v coolers and it cools fine, but I think the current consumption does get to be a little much unless you are driving the truck everyday and not plugged in. One of those compressor drawer style refers would be cool for under the bunk.


Just had one of my AGM 8D's bite it and almost caused the solar to wipe out all of them! Caught it just in time. They are only 4 years old and we'll cared for...... wondering if the others are right behind it or if I have time for the LiFePO4 technology to catch up and get cheaper.

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I have been using a Tripp-Lite 2000 watt inverter/charge for 10 years now.


We are normally plugged in while stopped and run the inverter for the refrigerator and the truck computer while traveling.


Details with schematics RR Inverter/Charger

Perfect Mark! I will probably skip the input breaker as the Magnum has one and whatever I plug into will also be fused.


You guys really get into these drawings! I have always thought it out in my head and just worked from that.....although as I get older, I'm finding my RAM has become more and more "corrupt and unstable".

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