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JC and Angie

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Just meet my neighbors here in Maine and they run this website. Been full timing a long time and decided they would start this RV park locator website. In looking at it it seems very user friendly.


We, as users of Rv parks submit our pictures and or video and they upload it after edit and that's all there is to it. And it's free.


Real nice people and told them I would introduce y'all to them.


Job done.

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Just tried checking it out. Found the mam a little wonky to use. But will spend more time on it was with a different device

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It's not a new site. We've used it for some time. Love to see the sites before we pull in. We can then head for the best one in the park to see if it's available and many times, it is.

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I just spent some time checking it out. It does not seem to be a very complete listing. Of 10 commercial campgrounds I checked, only one had photos, which from the site name I presume is supposed to be its big feature that other sites do not have.


I checked two Corps campgrounds, one in NM and one in WV. One listed only one of the two campgrounds at the project with no photos and the other was not listed at all. I tried to find two Forest Service campgrounds in AZ and could not find listings for either one. When I searched Yellowstone National Park, it did not show all the campgrounds in the park.


I have found the Google Maps satellite view and Google Earth very useful for checking out potential campgrounds.

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Here's another site that we've used for campsite photos:



As your link shows, it does cover Yellowstone better. However, the coverage of the COE parks in NM and WV is about the same as the other website with one of two campgrounds shown at the NM facility and the WV facility not shown. The same two Forest Service campgrounds in AZ are not to be found. Several of our favorite BLM and Forest Service campgrounds in NM are not listed. As best as I could tell, there are only two public campgrounds/parks and one private park listed for the state of Kansas.


There are many many campground websites. Each seems to have its strength and weakness. Just listing every campground/RV park seems to be an unachievable goal so far as no website or directory that I have found has done so. Displaying photos of every campsite in every campground/RV park will be a far more difficult undertaking.

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