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Storage and batteries.


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well im going back to a brick and mortar home as my Alzheimers parent is getting worse quick and isnt safe by himself... :-(


*I* will be taking care of him 24/7 until the day arrives. he seems so lost right now it hard to watch but im NOT gonna

just put him in a nursing home and leave him there. and he doesnt have $$ for assisted living (besides the 3-4 year wait to get in)


the house were renting doesnt have the room for the 5er or the Volvo.. *I* wish it did...



do i need to disconnect the battery cables from each and every battery before i leave it?

or just the main leads that leave the batteries and the ECM wiring (and my inverter/charger wiring)


seems around here , they dont offer storage with power that i can find yet.


im all ears....



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Very sorry to hear this; is your dad a vet that served anytime during a period of war? There is a VA program called aid and attendance,



I was the primary care giver for my mother who had dementia it is all consuming, you are going to need help!


Let me know if I can be of any assistance.



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thanks everyone for the information. this is a big step for me and the wife, Wife is a Nurse with 23 years experience (she will continue to work) as i will be staying home with dad.

it was suggested that i also make time for myself while taking care of dad.


nobody so far seems to offer power. if they did , id just plug up the charger/inverter in the truck...


Steve: dad served in the 50's and never did war time and has Never used veteran services EVER. feel free to send me a PM or a email.


Dennis: yes everything here is outside for rv storage. thanks for the link to the solar charger. (Mr Seas) also suggested the solar charger route which i think will be my best bet. my brain is overwelmed. never thought id have to be putting my baby in storage, let alone my 5er.


Ronbo: thanks for the reminder about the grounds on the ECM.

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How much abuse can deep cycle batteries take in my 5er?


if i leave them disconnected without a trickle charger on them, how soon will i be replacing them ??

I would look at the solar route for your fifth wheel as well as the truck.


Good luck, that is a lot you are doing. My wife and I went through it with my mom and now with my wife's aunt.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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