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Toad Hookup


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We finally got everything hooked up and installed on the toad and motor home. Went to take it out for a drive with DW driving and DH in the toad(to confirm everything is working as planned). We followed all the directions but have one question. The directions say to have the toad key on accessory. It seems to tow fine but it is very difficult to run the wheel of the toad(we were testing) vs. how easy it is to turn the wheel when the engine is on. We just want to make sure we aren't damaging the transmission in any way.



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Dutch gave a good answer. Remember that when towing the wheels are not being steered but are allowed to turn based upon the forces from the road. And there is no connection between the steering and the transmission. As long as the transmission is one approved for towing and is left in neutral, it will be fine. The ignition must be unlocked in order for the front wheels to be able to turn as needed in travel down the road.


If you should choose to sit in the car as you did while towing, never touch the steering wheel while the vehicle is moving! And even more dangerous is the idea that you can steer the car in order to allow the coach to back up with it hooked up. I actually met a couple once who attempted to do this and the lady had one arm broken and the other shoulder dislocated when the wheel suddenly spun do to forces of backing.

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Thanks guys. We didn't have anything to compare the steering to. Our 25 year old Mazda is a stick shift and turning the wheel is fairly easy(might be age). The only other car we had was an Intl MDT and we didn't think to try the steering with the engine off before selling it. We just wanted to make sure we weren't causing transmission problems.


Kirk, the only reason I was riding in the toad was to make sure the steering worked OK and that the brakes worked OK(we installed a Ready Brake Elite). Only drove it about 1/2 mile to verify all this.

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