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I was going to revive an old thread where this was talked about, http://www.rvnetwork.com/index.php?showtopic=116100, but decided since it really wasn't the main topic to start a new one.


I've been making my way through remodelling my kitchen, and decided to finally collect some data on the dishwasher. I posted all the details of the test here, but here's a quick summary:

  • Energy consumption for a normal wash load is 0.45kWh
  • The drying cycle uses virtually nothing (4Wh)
  • Most of the power consumption is pretty early on. I didn't stare at the meter for 2 hours, so I didn't see some of the spikes when it was heating, but about 80% of the energy is consumed in the first hour.
  • There isn't a pile of dirty dishes in the sink any more.

I also found out--somewhere obscure in all of the documentation--that you can lock the drawer shut for travel. It took me a minute to figure out--it beeps right when you start holding the lock button, beeps again after about 3 seconds (the control panel lock), and a third time after a few seconds more where it actually locks it shut.

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Funny you should post that today. I just finished the installation of a Fisher Paykel d/w drawer, the 16" high one as opposed to the 17.5". A 10" plate fits in the 16" unit. Someone on an RV forum somewhere showed their installation of a counter top model between the clothes washer and dryer above. Made sense to me, plumbing, wiring and drain all right there. The existing 120v dryer was replaced by a shorter one, the shelf it sat on raised and installed with pocket screws ( Kreggs Jig). It may have to come out to remove washer for service. I called the installers prior to installation, they came around and scoped out the situation and figured it would work, made a list of adapters and told me what space was required.


I must have checked the final measurement's half a dozen times. After 50 yrs in the Millwork business, it wouldn't look good on my resume if it got messed up. Anyway it fit perfectly, they ran a partial cycle to confirm everything was working as per normal. It is incredibly quiet and takes up space that was wasted anyway.


Now the dishes go from being used to straight into the dw. No dirty dishes on the counter or in the sink. When making Eggs Benedict on the weekend the dishes never came out squeaky clean, even after washing them twice and rinsing to boot. I was not able to get or keep the water hot enough to do the job properly. This d/w has a heater. Now that issue is gone, the first load was perfect.


One more thing off my bucket list.


I also put an LED lit acrylic shelf on one wall over the counter adjacent to the sink. My setup is with the sink in the corner. There is about 21" bw counter and underside of uppers so I put in a shelf which allows me to get kettle and canisters up out of the way, clearing the counter.




Also having a corner sink allowed me to install a Ronbow corner system.



Now no more garbage can on the floor

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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