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Computer Woes


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I have had so much trouble with computers I sometimes feel like I has a "spell" put on me! LOL. I bought the one I'm using now in July of 2013. The OEM was a Win/8; was pleased with it and then 8.1 came out and I did the free upgrade. Four months later started having problems with the operating system and it finally would not let me into the Admin. account. in the meantime I bought a Samsung Tablet; two months later dropped it and broke the screen. I then bought an RCA tablet; which i still have cause I had been trying to get this Gateway working. I tried a lot of suggestions that was given to me on this thread! Thought I had it a couple times. Then it would not let me in Windows and would show the Windows logo and nothing. Still had the BIOS thankfully. A month back I toiok it to a local repair guy and he reloaded it with Win/7 Ultimate. The next week I was back as it kept Blue screening or just shutting down. Would do the Safe mode and it would work for 10-30 minutes and die. Two weeks back i took it back and he loaded Win/7 Home Premium. It was behaving wierd again so I took the upgraded memory chip out and it worked ok again. I got another chip from him; installed and now running like a champ; went also to a 1TB HD from the old 500 gb.


Yes RV this is the Gateway NE 522 Quad core. Thank you and all others for the responses!


Now I had went out and bought another Acer with an OEM of 8.1 and just a Celeron processor w/500 gb; 4 gb memory and 1.50 MHZ while I was on the downside with this one. I have been offered the upgrade to Win/10 and reserved but wondering if I should wait a while before I upgrade? Like I said; sometimes I fell like i have been Jinxed or hexed. LOL!


:rolleyes::unsure::blink::D This is long winded; but had to share! Maybe some feel the same way!!! :mellow::huh:;)B)

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Hey Pieere,

Glad to hear you've got them all running right again. We've all had our share of hardware fails that get misdiagnosed. I always reseat the RAM if it is serviceable. regardless of the symptoms and run hardware test for the gremlins when no infections turn up.


I would upgrade whichever you are not going to use daily or are going to sell and let that one be your test bed. The Windows 7 unit would be ideal as it can be imaged by its own make a system image tool, built into Backup and restore, and then imaged back easily for me. You too with an external drive. If you decide to go that route and aren't sure how just google it on YouTube and follow the directions.

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