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Found a nice website with lots of tips for RVrs


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My SH ran into this website as she is equipping the new RV with the home stuff while I have been doing the tech stuff like TVs, radios, LED lights and repainting the racks and steps. it is chock full of great storage ideas and some pretty nice ideas with pictures and parts details.


It's by Andy Baird and here is his about page: http://www.andybaird.com/Eureka/pages/intro.htm


He is using a Class C and is not about big rigs or expensive RVs. Like me he is not afraid to tear into his RV and make big changes.


It's just a really nicely done, non technical website. I don't know him but she found his website while searching for additional storage ideas, since we were last fulltimers in 2003, and lots has changed, and we've slept since then.


Here is the storage page: http://www.andybaird.com/Eureka/pages/storage.htm


Regardless of how nice our websites are this is a gem to add to your favorite links as we have.

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As far as I know, Andy is still a fulltime RVer (at least I don't recall him saying anything on the LifeWithALazyDazeRV Yahoo group about coming off the road unless I just missed it). He did, however, relinquish his job as moderator of said Yahoo group after more than 10 years of being its moderator.

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Thanks for the heads-up about the site! We are new "half timers" (still have to work half of the year) but are counting down the days!! After two years of looking we finally found our "new to us" RV and are enjoying fixing all the little things that need fixing and up-dating old stuff and just getting ready to head out! Thanks again, this site should help!

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