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No Engine Brakes


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Both of my Newells had muffled jake brakes. I used them in towns and figured I would rather have more stopping power driving through some of the towns. I've been through a few that have a traffic light at the bottom of a steep grade and I want to make sure that I can safely stop.

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Funny this thread should show up now.

I was taking my Wife to Madison WI to the DR, and always go thru a small town of Brooklyn WI... Population of 1401.

All flat and basically only a 4 way stop, plus a small town.

Coming into the City Limits where there is basically nothing, there is a big sign stating "No Jake Brakes" :)



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My big CAT engine in my class A is muffled so I disregard those signs, unless of course there is a marked cruiser in sight, which I have never seen at that time. Even still I would just use it judiciously. I have seen some communities with a sign that reads " No unmuffled engine brakes" which is what I think the real intent is in most areas.

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Yes. Even though I have a muffled jake brake I will usually turn it off if there are signs stating such. For myself it is just a curtesy to the residents and I have yet to be in a small town that my speed was such that I felt a Jake brake would be needed. We're talking 35 to 40 MPH max speed limits and relatively flat ground. Been through one that had a steep grade, maybe two blocks long. Hardly long enough to warrant turning on the Jake.

However, should I forget I'm not going to worry about it. As stated earlier I think the signs are really for unmuffled trucks. I have not heard of any RVer being stopped for using the Jake in a restricted area.

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