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No Engine Brakes


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Do you class A folks with jake brakes pay any attention to the "no engine brake" signs that I see in various communities?

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Not a class A either. The communities that have the No Jake Brake laws don't want the semi trucks with the twin 6" unmuffled stacks using them in their towns. They are loud in that configuration. When towing I use the Jake to slow down, but mine is quiet.

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Both of my Newells had muffled jake brakes. I used them in towns and figured I would rather have more stopping power driving through some of the towns. I've been through a few that have a traffic light at the bottom of a steep grade and I want to make sure that I can safely stop.

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Our class A has no muffler so we are already loud. I obey those signs. I have no desire to get into a pi** ing contest with a local small town officer over what brake retarder system I'm using.

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Funny this thread should show up now.

I was taking my Wife to Madison WI to the DR, and always go thru a small town of Brooklyn WI... Population of 1401.

All flat and basically only a 4 way stop, plus a small town.

Coming into the City Limits where there is basically nothing, there is a big sign stating "No Jake Brakes" :)



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My big CAT engine in my class A is muffled so I disregard those signs, unless of course there is a marked cruiser in sight, which I have never seen at that time. Even still I would just use it judiciously. I have seen some communities with a sign that reads " No unmuffled engine brakes" which is what I think the real intent is in most areas.

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Ron ..you dont have an engine brake. You have an exhaust brake and I guarantee that you will never be pulled over for using it. They dont make any noise to speak of. I use mine all the time.

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Yes. Even though I have a muffled jake brake I will usually turn it off if there are signs stating such. For myself it is just a curtesy to the residents and I have yet to be in a small town that my speed was such that I felt a Jake brake would be needed. We're talking 35 to 40 MPH max speed limits and relatively flat ground. Been through one that had a steep grade, maybe two blocks long. Hardly long enough to warrant turning on the Jake.

However, should I forget I'm not going to worry about it. As stated earlier I think the signs are really for unmuffled trucks. I have not heard of any RVer being stopped for using the Jake in a restricted area.

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