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  1. I am a real estate broker and, with my RE agent wife, handle both sales and property management. I cannot stress enough that your representative must be responsible, conduct regular inspections, make sure that any rules you establish are complied with, and most importantly, realize they are working for you and not the tenant. When my wife and I were working for another broker, they would insist that we rent to "very wealthy and responsible" friends of theirs. Needless to say, we are no longer associated with them. I would also suggest that you allow no pets and make clear in the lease that the landscaping must be maintained.
  2. I am thinking of having MorRyde IS installed on my 5er, along with HWH leveling. I'm in Lake Havasu City and still work, so a trip to Elkhart is not feasible. The MorRide site indicates that they have an installer for IS in Colton CA. That shop also does HWH work. Has anyone NOT had their IS done in Elkhart and how did it work out?
  3. Has the original post been updated to reflect the new prices?
  4. Can anyone recommend a mobile repair service in Lake Havasu City?
  5. I believe I have read that these units were built decently for some years and the quality then fell off. Can someone out there refresh my memory as to when the decline happened? Thanks. I am considering a 2014 that is still on the dealer's lot.
  6. Is there a price anywhere in that listing? I don't see one, but maybe I just missed it.
  7. Can someone tell me how to get the 110v circuit breakers out of this panel? Have the front off, but can't figure how they are secured to replace one. Thanks in advance.
  8. floncto

    Auto Levelers

    The trailer title is deceiving. It's actually 38 ft with triple slides. The Wyoming line was discontinued in about 2009 or 10, and Coachman customer service isn't good, so I'll try it but don't expect much.
  9. If I installed an auto leveling system on my fiver, what determines whether I need a four or six leveler system-- Is it trailer weight or trailer frame construction? I assume if it is frame construction, the smaller the frame members, the more levelers needed.
  10. The local paper in Lake Havasu City reported this morning that I 10 is expected to be open one lane each direction on Friday 7/24/15. Both directions will be routed over the current westbound bridge which is still atanding.
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