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Guidance on backup to PC


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I have Norton Ghost 15.0, and it has served me well. It is no longer supported, and I'm going to buy a new software. If you can fog a mirror, you know more than I do about computers, so I'm looking for suggestions. Yes, price is a factor, don't need some bells & whistles gizmo. Tks!

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I always used Norton Ghost but then I switched to the MS Backup Image capabilities on my Win 7 64 bit Pro machine. It seems to work fine and it is already there at no cost. I also use the MS backup image capabilities on the DW's 8.1 64 bit machine. I run maintenance on both machines, CC, Malbite,MS Defender, SCI plus make sure the updates are current and do the image every Saturday.



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With Windows 7 you have a fantastic built in imaging and backup program free. Before you try to do one however, you will need to have an external hard drive connected, and have a blank recordable CD ready to make a disk at the end when prompted.


Here's a detailed set of instructions with screen shots. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/back-up-programs-system-settings-files#1TC=windows-7 That is a 45 second video. you will also need to have a blank writable new CD-R to burn the repair CD at the end when it is finished. Do not insert the CD until you have finished the system image successfully. Here is a detailed written set of instructions and screen shots: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/create-system-image-in-windows-7-8/ ON that second link it tells you how to set up your whole Windows back up to automatically back up your files. To just create a system image manually, which I recommend, follow the instructions in the first link, and in the second link scroll down to how to create a system image manually. I don't use Windows backup, just the manual create a system image. You only have to make the Windows repair disk once. Don't leaave the repair disk lying around, put it in a safe place because if you need it, odds are there's a chance it will be the only way to boot it. So keep it in a safe place where you won't lose it.


Now here is the part that most never try until it is too late. How do you restore using that repair disk you made? OK you power up if it will not boot and while powered up the DVD drive should still open and vclose its drawer. OPen the drawer and put your Windows repair disk in it, close the door, and hold the power button down until it turns off. Wait a few seconds then power up and it should ask you to press any key to boot from disk. Press the space bar (safest) and it should go to the first screen in the following article: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/7702/restoring-windows-7-from-an-image-backup/ Now how are you going to do this if the computer will not boot? You can't get to the link of the restore instructions in that last link? Simple, print it now and keep it safe with the repair disk you just made. It prints out as five pages in normal mode, three on mine in duplex mode (both sides)


But before you remove the repair disk you just made, leave it in the computer. As well leave the external drive on that you just burned the image to. We want to test the repair disk. This is safe to do as we are not going to restore anything just take you through the steps. Leave your repair disk you just made in the computer and power completely off with the repair disk inside. Now you are going to follow the steps you just printed to restore from the repair disk. Wait five seconds then power on being ready to hit the space bar when it asks if you want to boot from disk press any key. You will get a screen that says Windows is loading files. Now this will take by your watch from one to five minutes depending on your hardware, so do not think it is stuck and not responding. Just wait! Once it comes up, accept the input method on the first screen and click next, then check the second option on second screen and click next. Now you will be at the screen that will find your image on the external drive. If you get to that and it is correct you did fine. Now just eject the disk close the drawer manually, and hold the power button down until the computer shuts down. Now just boot normally and it should be back to normal.


Come back and let us know if that worked out alright or with any other questions. I have used the Windows 7 system images I made on several computers anywhere from 30-100 times successfully. Never had a failure restoring the image to a new hard drive or SSD. It will put all you programs and Windows and files and pictures music everything back to exactly what was on your computer when it was last imaged. Any new documents, pictures, files what ever that you made since the moment you made that last image will be lost. So for me imaging weekly on one computer, and monthly on my other systems works just fine for me. Some folks have only one computer and image weekly. However, if you do your banking with Quicken, do a backup after each financial session to an SD card or external thumb drive or hard drive. The way I got my wife's attention was I asked her how many days of Quicken would she like to have to recreate and sync with the bank? It really only takes a few seconds to back up, and a side plus is that when you upgrade Quicken to a new version, your back up will create all your accounts as they were setup before with no new rebuilding necessary.


The first time you make a full system image it can take from a half hour to a couple of hours. After that each new image will take under 30 minutes. Your imaging to an external drive is much faster if your computer has USB 3 and your external drive is also USB 3. Ten times faster.


Safe Imaging!

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YW bud!


You need to do one image as instructed, one repair disk, test disk as shown, determine your schedule for imaging, do it before shitting shutting down. It is that simple. Once you've done it, it seems so simple.


I am available 24/7! I charge a dollar three eighty and can be called at BR-549. ;)

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